The Henry’s Fork – Home Again

blog-Sept-24-2013-1-Granny-Currier-on-the-Henry's-ForkEverything was all “Cool Dude” when we arrived at the Last Chance parking lot today.  The day was calm and overcast, absolutely perfect for excellent hatches in the famous Harriman Ranch of the Henry’s Fork.  And Granny and I haven’t been to the Fork since way back in June so it was good to be at our home away from home again.


We’ve been busy as heck this month so rather than charge out on the water we kicked back and ate some fried chicken and leisurely drank a beer.  Life was good.  Then we geared up and I was quick to realize that other than some oversized Chernobyl Ants and streamers stuck in my car ceiling, all my flies were at home.  For most this would be a disaster.  I drove up to the Trout Hunter and found friend and owner Rich Paini and he generously loaned me a box of small dries out of his vest.  Granny and I were all set.


blog-Sept-24-2013-2-Henry's-ForkHowever, all this extra time taken allowed weather havoc to set in.  Overcast and calm turned to rain and fierce winds and gusts which were recorded at 45 mph.  The conditions were so bad Granny said she was staying in the car – that’s not an option.  We went for it and for five fun hours we got pumbled by rain and wind on the Ranch.  Miraculously I found one respectable riser in a wind protected slick and despite getting him to eat, I farmed him!


blog-Sept-24-2013-Jeff-Currier-on-Railroad-RanchGranny would beg to differ but I thought it was a fun afternoon.  The Equinox storm has arrived and instead of camping we find ourselves back home in Victor.  It’s raining like a banshee and I expect to see some significant snow in the mountains once this clears.  Snow up high will be a great thing to see as it will be the official start of building up snowpack for next summer’s water.


Expect my fishing to get back on track on Friday.  Friday I’m headed for Kubswin Lake and then next week Granny and I have a big float planned that usually leads to some special fish!


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  1. Erik Moncada September 27, 2013 at 2:36 am #

    It’s good to fish in the rain


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