The Last Day of this Month Long Journey

December 13, 2016


The wind stopped and the normal heat was back for our morning of fly fishing in Dubai.  The sea was glass which you learned earlier on this trip in the Seychelles, isn’t exactly ideal for fly fishing.  Nonetheless, Nick Bowles of Ocean Active, Sam Vigneri and I went out to toss of the fly rod one last time for this trip.


Not only was the ocean flat but it was stirred up from the five days of horrible wind.  We couldn’t find clean enough water for queenfish until we went an hour out to sea.  We finally found the queenfish but their attacks on baitfish were sporadic at best.  Sammy hooked up to the first after two hours of chasing.


While landing Sammy’s queenfish we found a baby hawksbill sea turtle with so many barnacles attached to his shell he couldn’t swim.  Hawksbills are listed as “critically endangered” so we took him aboard and later delivered him to the Turtle Rehabilitation in Jumeirha.  No doubt they will remove these growths and release him back to the Dubai waters.  Hopefully he gets himself a good hundred years of life!


We’d end up catching a queenfish each.  No comparison to our first morning a week ago but it was a nice way to spend the last morning regardless.  We worked our way home at around noon.



Sammy’s and my last vacation event was to go up the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.  The elevator ride to the 148th floor was so fast our ears popped.  Up top we could feel the building sway but the view was one we won’t likely forget.





This insane-wonderful trip comes to an end in a few minutes.  Sammy and I are about to board our flights for home.  If all goes well we should be home in 36 hours.  It’s been an incredible journey through South Africa, Lesotho, Farquhar Atoll in the Seychelles, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  I hope you enjoyed the ride.


Happy Holidays everyone.  I hope to see you all during my Fly Fishing Show tour and thanks so much to my incredible sponsors that make my far-flung fishing possible:

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