Fly Fishing for Musky on Cave Run Lake, KY

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blog-April-15-2016-1-flyfishing-Cave-Run-KentuckyIt was a stunningly beautiful morning on Cave Run Lake.  I’m not familiar with sunrise here in Kentucky but to be hypnotized by bird songs I don’t recognize and dazzled by leaves popping on every tree – no doubt it was as good as it gets.  Furthermore, I was on a guided trip fly fishing for muskellunge with Granny and our Kentucky friend, John Reesor.


blog-April-15-2016-2-flyfishing-kentuckyAfter we launched our flashy vessel, it was a short run to the first musky flat.  Our guide, Ryan Rayburn, knew exactly zero about fly fishing.  As I suspected, when Ryan was first contacted by John he was reluctant to allow fly fishing from his bass boat.  But Ryan is young, energetic and outgoing and when we arrived he was pumped with the idea.  He earned my respect quick because when he looked at my Brad Bohen fly in the water he said, “Wow – that looks better than our lures!  Our musky haven’t seen anything like that!”


blog-April-15-2016-3-flyfishing-for-muskyThere’s a lot of truth to Ryan’s comment about my fly.  I’ve musky fished for years and the monsters we pursue have had lots of hardware tossed at them.  There’s no doubt in my mind the big wise musky laugh at the concoctions and their dangling treble hooks of mass destruction.  Cave Run Lake rarely sees fly rodders and as we started casting the flies I felt plenty confident.


blog-April-16-2016-4-granny-currier-musky-fishingBut today was musky fishing.  And no matter how dazzling your flies are or how far you cast, when the musky’s aren’t hungry you aint catching them!  It was a wonderful day on the water.  The temperature touched 75° and we had hardly an ounce of wind.  It’s exactly what we love to kick back in but the opposite of what excites more than half the world’s species of fish.  We’ll take it easy tomorrow but that should include a look around some golf courses for and old favorite, Mr. white Amur (grass carp).


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