Opening Day of the Ranch While in NH

by | Jun 15, 2019 | chain pickerel

jeff-currier-flyfishingAt least 25 of the last 30 June 15’s I’ve spent fishing opening day of the Harriman Ranch on the Henry’s Fork.  In fact I did over 20 straight years of the opener between 1987 and 2007.  But with more trips to New Hampshire these days to see family, most occurring in June, I’ve missed several in recent years.  But its ok.  Changing the schedule and doing new things is fun too.  At 4:10 AM my sister Becky and I paddled across Wolfeboro Bay to go fishing.


women-in-fly-fishingWe went to Back Bay to fish for a variety of warmwater fish and arrived there around 4:40.  There’s no more beautiful time to be fishing.  Today it was calm with a few scattered clouds.  The clouds made for a breathtaking sunrise.  I kicked back and watched Becky make her first few casts.  I had my Yeti full of French pressed coffee I made before I left camp so I was in heaven when I took this picture.


smallmouth-bassWhen the church bells rang 5 times I made my first cast of the morning.  I’ll admit, I was positioning myself for a cast over a sunken log that’s been in this particular spot my entire life.  Two pops and I landed this cute little smallmouth.


chain-pickerelAfter that we both stuck a few rock bass.  Then I paddled Becky over to an area where few lily pads are popping up.  There’s not much in the way of weeds these days due to an eradication program they have in Back Bay.  And the few that are left are barely growing yet due to a cold long spring.  Nonetheless, Becky tossed her popper in and pulled out this attractive little chain pickerel.


yellow-perchWe were fish catching machines from there on out.  Becky in particular and almost every fish she caught was different.  I never used to catch yellow perch in Back Bay but these days we do.  Becky caught this beautiful little specimen.


largemouth-bass-fishingThe one fish I haven’t found this entire trip – at least a decent one – is a largemouth bass.  I caught a couple dinks the first few days but Back Bay once held numerous big largemouth bass.  I popped for them most of the first couple hours and didn’t get one.  Then I switched to a Chernobyl to catch bluegill and pumpkinseeds and wouldn’t you know, the first respectable largemouth of the trip!


becky-rose-flyfishingNo day in Back Bay is complete without catching a few bluegill and pumpkinseeds before heading home.  Becky and I each put on small poppers and went to work.  We caught a heap of both types of sunfish and had an absolute blast.  Here’s Becky with a saucer sized pumpkinseed.  They don’t get this big often!


No doubt I thought about what was happening on my home river of the Henry’s Fork many times today.  I peeked at Instagram a few times too and sure enough, gorgeous photos of opening day gleamed at me.  But I’ll get there next month.  For now, this NH fishing isn’t too bad either and I have a few more days of it as well.


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