No Missing the Jenny Lake Lake Trout Season

by | Oct 8, 2018 | fly fishing for lake trout | 4 comments

flyfishing Jenny LakeWith five big expeditions coming up before Christmas I had no business going fishing today.  I have so much work to do to be prepared for my 2019 Show Season.  But I went anyhow.  That’s because there’s no way I was missing the entire October lake trout season on Jenny Lake.


fly fishing Victor IdahoFriend Aron Stiny fetched me from my house at 8:30 AM under a mostly blue sky.  A little chilly however, at 29°.  Today was the first day the birdbath froze and really the first time we’ve had any frost yet at all this fall.


fly fishing Grand Teton National ParkThe drive was beautiful.  When we entered Grand Teton National Park the Tetons impressed me like in my early years living in Jackson Hole.  No doubt a sign I haven’t been home enough the last few years.  The leaves are in full color and the tops of the mountains are covered in snow.


flyfishing for Lake Trout on Jenny LakeWe arrived on Jenny just in time for the sun to light the bank I like to fish.  Unlike other Octobers when you always see schools of passing lake trout, there were none.  We went to work and it was pretty slow that first hour.


lake trout on the fly rodWe were wading the shallows and it occurred to me I wasn’t cold.  Normally in October Jenny Lake sends a chill up your body.  That told me the water was too warm and the fish were likely deeper than other years.  I let my chartreus concoction of a fly sink significantly on my Sonar Stillwater intermediate line and in an instant I was tight.


Aron Stiny fly fishing for lake troutGetting the fly deep was key.  Once we timed how long to wait for our flies sink off the drop we had excellent action.  We ended up catching a dozen or so.  Unfortunately all were small 15” to 18” tiddlers but fun nonetheless.


My next fishing day is Friday from the Great North Woods of Wisconsin.  Stay tuned as we spend a few days chasing musky on the fly and perhaps some Great Lakes steelhead and salmon!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Jack L. Meredith

    Jeff, those pictures of the beautiful fall color and snow on the mountains and Jenny Lake brought tears to our eyes and the question, why did we ever leave Jackson! Our journey through life at this time is where it is suppose to be, remembering the great trips down the rivers and every mile a joy with strikes and fish all the way to pickup.
    We have a red fish tournament Nov 6th but I am having back surgery so we will miss it unless I can talk Suzanne into teaming up with someone else. We have a 20ft flats-boat that is perfect for the back waters. Jack

  2. Janet Holmes a Court

    The photos are stunning Jeff and so great to see to remind one of many beautiful visits to Jackson Hole

  3. Tad Einloth

    A beautiful day in one of my favorite locations.


  4. Jeff

    I’m glad this brought back some PRETTY memories for everyone. Its quite a place for another week then it turns white! Flurries today.

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