Sulking Overheated Brown Trout

by | May 11, 2023 | fly fishing the Driftless of Wisconsin

mayfly-hatchI was sipping coffee from my Yeti from the Randall’s deck this morning down here in the Wisconsin Driftless enjoying an array of singing birds.  It doesn’t get much better in mid-May.  I was getting psyched for our day of fishing.  I was also working on my blog catching up about fishing yesterday.  About then a mayfly spinner landed on me.


DriftlessWith a mayfly buzzing around first thing in the morning I was certain we were on our way to an amazing day of fishing.  It turns out it would be mediocre fishing at best.  While first thing this morning it was sort of cool out, in the 60°s, by the time we got out there it was in the upper 70°s.  No doubt the heat shut down the hatch and the brown trout were sulking deep when we were fishing.


Jason-RandallIts not to say we didn’t catch fish or have a blast.  We caught a few beauties.  Especially Jason and Tim because they got deep with the nymphs.  We also took a long lunch at the Hillsboro Brewing Company and met up with another friend, Tom Starmack.  Tom’s a fantastic fly tier and lives here in the Driftless.  Tom is founder of Zoetic Custom Flies.


Flyfishing-ShowAfter lunch we headed back to the Randall’s and let the heat subside.  Tonight, before yet another feast, more friends joined in.  Mat Wagner and Geri Meyer, owners and founders of the Driftless Angler Fly Shop, joined us for a couple hours of evening fishing and dinner.  We had trickle of a caddis hatch and just enough to end the day with a few nice browns on the dry.


WisconsinGranny and I head back to Hayward tomorrow because Granny is back at to her summer job.  While we plan to leave early, we’re watching the weather.  If we wake up to light rain – I’m going fishing for a few hours before we leave.  Such conditions could lead to a great hatch!


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