Snapperless at Snapper Rocks

by | Nov 1, 2023 | fly fishing for snapper

fly-fishingWe planned an early start for our drive north this morning from Magdalena Bay but unfortunately Sammy caught the crud.  Sam and I were kind of expecting it because Grant was hurting when we got here.  Hopefully I’m not next.


WinstonLuckily we only had a couple hours drive to our next location.  This was good news because along the way we detour down some rough roads to what has been in the past, a productive snapper spot.  Last time we smoked them here and not only did we catch a few healthy cubera, but I added the Colorado snapper to my species list.


flyfishingConditions were excellent.  While earlier in the week shore fishing was nearly impossible because of huge waves, today was much more manageable.  The only drawback is that the slippery Pacific Ocean rocks are kicking my butt more than they used to!


BajaFishing wasn’t so great today however.  Despite our excellent history here, I saw the only snapper.  It appeared to be about a 20” cubera that cunningly stalked my fly right to my feet.  The problem is, he was too wise to fall for my fake baitfish imitation.  I changed patterns on him a couple times and he once gave another look, but typically snapper situations are “one look and done” deals.


CurrierWe fished for only about two hours.  We weren’t skunked.  We each managed to land one gorgeous little spotted bay bass.


BajaSam gave it his all despite feeling like crap.  Fishing bums are all a tough bunch when it comes to making it on the water no matter what.  But he feels worse tonight and he’s not looking so good either.  Sam has a guide hired for us tomorrow so I hope he feels better in the morning.


fish-shirtsIn the meantime, please visit my webstore for “Christmas Gifts for the Angler that has Everything” and stuff those stockings with my fish decals from “Pescador on the Fly”.



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