A Monster Mustache Triggerfish

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CosmoledoCosmoledo is the ultimate flats fishing destination.  It’s one of the most remote, off-the-grid trips on the planet.  It was hard to believe it when I woke up today and looked around and I was here.  But I am and I’m hosting 11 anglers for Yellow Dog Flyfishing.


Jeff-Smith-flyfishingMy fishing partner for this special day was Jeff Smith.  I met Jeff about five years ago when I spoke to Atlanta Fly Fishing Club.  That night I presented “The Worlds Best Flats” and I included some Seychelles photos from Farquhar.  Jeff introduced himself to me after the show and before the night ended I signed him on to my 2019 Providence Atoll trip.  Soon after he signed on to this one and I suspect we’ll fish together many times in the future.


Yellowdog-flyfishingOur guide was Matt and after a hefty bacon and scrambled eggs breakfast, Matt, Jeff and I headed out.  Five other boats with the rest of my guests left as well.  The main target for everyone was giant trevally.


Alphonse-fishing-companyJeff took the bow first and it didn’t take long for our first customer to arrive.  A speedy GT headed our way and Matt gave Jeff some instructions.  The instructions were simple – land your fly about 20 feet in front of the GT then start stripping slowly.  When the GT spots the imitation speed up the retrieve and get ready to strip set.  Unfortunately that first fish took a look but didn’t close the deal.


GT-fliesJeff got a few more chances and he kept delivering his fly.  The fly was a bushy 5/0 red and black Brush Fly and it’s the standard for GT’s.  Jeff got a few close looks then finally a GT crushed his fly.  He had him on for a few seconds but he smoked off line and got loose.


flyfishing-the-flatsWhen I took the bow fishing slowed.  I got one shot and the fish didn’t look.  I was using a straight black fly.  Jeff and I switched off a few times but the GT’s had disappeared.


Next move was to walk a flat.  Matt suggested one of us be ready with the GT rod and the other with the triggerfish set up.  Jeff took the GT and I grabbed my 9-weight Winston Salt Air with a crab tied to straight 35lb Absolute Flouro.  Jeff got a couple GT shots and hooked up again but he lost the fish again too.


A couple triggerfish showed themselves next.  These first two were more interested in each other but a third was working the turtle grass in about 3-feet deep water.  Matt and I weren’t even sure it was a fish but I made my cast.  One strip and there was no doubt it was a trigger because we could see him following my fly.  Strip. Strip.  On!


Currier-mustache-triggerfishI can not explain how hard a triggerfish pulls.  If you look at the way they are built you would never suspect it, but they flat out pull so hard they are almost impossible to stop.  I held on for dear life and walked backwards.  Not far from the grass was a coral head complex and he wanted it.  The pull was so intense I thought something would break.  But after 30 seconds or so the trigger gave in enough for me to gain.  Soon Matt had him in the net.


triggerfish-fliesThis is my biggest mustache triggerfish (Titan triggerfish) ever.  The colorful fish was 51 cm and girthy to go with.  I handled him with care.  The teeth on these guys can easily take off a finger.  FYI, they bite off and eat chunks of coral for appetizers!  This one bit my hook off my fly while we were photographing him!


Jeff-Currier-GTsFor the remainder of the day Jeff and Matt hunted GT’s.  I wandered like I often do on the flats and racked up a few fun fish such as blue spangled emperors and bluefin trevally.  I also got this GT.  It’s a miracle because a lemon shark entered the scene and nearly got him.  A good trick to save your fish is loosen you drag and let him get away.  Then crank him in once the shark loses sight.


huge-bonefishThere were some fish caught today.  T. J. got his first GT and Randy and Brian hammered some monster bonefish.  James got a beautiful whitespotted grouper.


CosmoledoCosmoledo feeds you just like Astove.  In other words, dinner was exceptional.  We had lightly grilled yellowfin tuna along with a salad, vegies and a few other scrumptious items.


Currier-fish-artAs I have every day and night of the trip, I broke out my sharpies.  I want to make sure all 11 of my guest go home with some work and I suspect our guides will want a little “Currier” on their packs as well.  No use falling behind.  Its back on the water tomorrow!


This is a Yellow Dog Hosted trip and if you ever want to go feel free to contact me or go directly to Yellow Dog.

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

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  1. Matthew Norton

    Sweet Trigger Jeff! That is a beauty!

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