One Last One Fly Warmup for Cooper

blog-Sept-5-2014-1-jackson-hole-oneflyYou need to be careful before the Jackson Hole One Fly tournament not to wear yourself out before it starts.  What I mean is don’t fish yourself into the ground beforehand by tiring out the body.  Yes, fishing hard works every muscle.  Furthermore, hard fishing exhausts your brain and a tired brain leads to simple mistakes.  In the One Fly, make the mistake of losing your fly and you’re out.


blog-Sept-5-2014-2-flyfishing-guide-boots-allenToday I broke my own rules by fishing for the third day in a row before starting the One Fly tomorrow.  Captain Gary Eckman wanted me to spend one more day helping prepare Cooper for his first One Fly by joining him on a guided trip on the Snake.  I so would’ve liked to rest around house but this guided trip was with top guide and friend, Boots Allen.  I couldn’t miss that.


blog-Sept-5-2014-3-flyfishing-the-snake-riverWe fished South of Jackson on the Pritchard to West Table section.  It was freezing cold when we started – 34°!  Luckily it warmed up fast.  I dabbled with the streamer but spent most the day kicking back encouraging CooperBoots had Cooper practice with dries and a nymph.  Cooper fished all techniques beautifully and he should be ready for the big weekend.


blog-Sept-5-2014-giant-waterbugOne of the highlights for all three of us was capturing this giant water bug.  This pic does not show his size.  He was enormous!  And I knew enough not to catch him by hand.  Thank goodness I stopped Cooper before he grabbed him with his hand.


There’s a lot more to a nice day on the Snake in September but Granny and I just got home from the kick off One Fly dinner and its now 11 PM.  I have to be at the Angus on the South Fork to meet my competition guide Cole Sutheimer at 6:30 AM tomorrow.  I need sleep.  Be ready for results and the One Fly blog Monday afternoon.


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