Health Shakedown in Currierville

by | Jun 12, 2024 | fly fishing in Wisconsin | 3 comments

When I pulled in the driveway from fishing with Bob Butler on Monday Granny eased her way from the house to the car.  I was just pulling my rods out. “Take me to the emergency room”, she said.


Granny missed her day of work with severe dizzy spells and terrible nausea to name a few symptoms.  I was puzzled but got her to the hospital fast.  She ended up spending two nights and after numerous tests and a scope down her throat, they came up with irritated large intestine.


I brought her home this morning.  She was feeling bleak.  We forced a slow walk around the block.   This made sense after being bed ridden two days.  Then she ate her first food since Monday and took a two hour nap.  We are pleased to say by mid afternoon she felt much better.


fly-fishingObviously I’ve been stressed and nothing better to rid stress than with fishing.  My friend Tim Nolde picked me up around 5 PM tonight and we had a burger and a beer at the Sawmill then launched his canoe and waited for a hatch.  My first trout trip near home this year.


The weather was brutal.  While it was sunny during dinner, it clouded up and by 7 PM it was raining with thunder in the distance.  The gusty wind kept the bugs from hatching but even when there isn’t a hatch, if you keep a close eye often you’ll spot a trout.  Sure enough we did and he made one rise.


We waited 30 minutes but the trout never rose again.  The thunderstorm was close by then and we discussed aborting our mission without a single cast.  But we had a few minutes before the lightening got bad.  I eased out on the slow moving section of river and methodically covered every inch of the pool with a brown drake.


I was about to call it.  The lightening was at that point.  The rain was heavy.  I had a blade of grass on the far bank that marked my last cast.  When my fly landed near it – slurp.  The fish was on!


Tim made his way up with the net and I landed my first local dry fly trout of the year.  It was so cool.   A really nice brownie so close to home.  I may need to do this a few more times before it gets to warm.  Man do we love our move to Hayward!


When I got home Granny was still doing well.  She’s on some meds to help reduce acid in her foods.  She’ll get reevaluated on Monday but things are definitely looking up.  Hopefully the health shakedown is over.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Lance

    Jeff your a class act!! Man…I am pretty bad and my wife puts up with way too much from me but you make me look pretty darn good..haha If I posted a photo of my wife in a hospital bed with a puke bag and looking like she’s feeling “much better” and then add how I was stressed and had to go fishing!!!!…. I would be living with half my stuff..mostly out on the lawn… lol Seriously though, glad she’s getting better and wish her a speedy, pain free recovery!

  2. Jeff

    Got to have a catchy picture to get em to you blog! She probably doesn’t know her pic is here but she’s just glad to be feeling better

  3. Howie

    So glad Granny is feeling better. Doesnt surprise me though. She is tough and probably wants to fish! Take care!

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