Manhandled by a Giant Trevally

blog-April-8-2015-1-flyfishing the-nubian-flatsDay 2 provided light wind and clear skies, ideal for flats fishing.  Mike and I went with Fede to a small island in sight of the Scuba Libre.  Our focus was triggerfish and giant trevally (GT).


blog-April-8-2015-1-jeff-currier-flyfishing-in-sudanWhen I walk the flats I have my 9-weight Winston in hand with my line stripped out ready to cast.  Sticking off the side of my Simms dry pack is my 12-weight rigged with a GT fly and my Abel with plenty of backing.


blog-April-8-2015-2-wild-sea-expeditionsOn one side of the flat island there was beach with fragments of shells and broken coral and the other was sharp lava rock elevated about 6 ft up.  Either side was a nuisance for fly line control.  To make life easier I walked in the water while Fede spotted for me above.


blog-April-8-2015-3-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-orangespot-trevallyThere were lots of fish only most weren’t triggers.  There were yellow boxfish and blue boxfish tailing everywhere down deep.  One thing about the salt is that you need to be ready to switch gears so I worked the boxfish.  Sadly they wouldn’t budge for any of my flies and appeared to be eating something microscopic off the bottom.  I picked up a blackspot snapper and this orange-spotted trevally in the process.


blog-April-8-2015-4-yellowmargin-triggerfishThe weather was so nice by noon we could see on the flats perfectly in all directions.  There still weren’t many triggers and the few we saw spooked before we could get our rods up to cast.  Mike found a happy one and landed his third yellowmargin of the trip.  An excellent accomplishment being their stubbornness.


blog-April-8-2015-5-scuba-libre-in-sudanDue to the closeness to the Scuba Libre we went back for lunch then right back out to the flats along nearby Snake Island.  I whacked a quick bluefin trevally then got snubbed by a few triggerfish.  I was just about to cast to a passing boxfish when Fede started screaming GT, GT, GT!  Without wasting a second, I dropped my 9-weight, ripped my 12-weight loose and started stripping line off the reel.  I wasn’t as fast as would’ve liked and by the time I launched a cast the trevally was beyond range.  That’s when Fede chucked a hookless teaser a country mile the direction the giant trevally was headed.


blog-April-8-2015-5b-flies-for-giant-trevallyFede reeled as fast as he could and the GT appeared behind the teaser.  I knew right then and there the “***” was about to hit the fan.  And it did.  I launched my cast and the big fly landed next to the incoming teaser.  Before I could get a strip the GT exploded on my fly and took off.


This giant trevally was a big one well over 40lbs.  He took off so rapidly that despite the strength of my 12-weight and a tight drag on my Abel 11/12N, the fish ran deep into the backing as if my reel was on free spool.


blog-April-8-2015-6-Fede-of-wildsea-expeditionsThe run of a big GT happens so fast it’s sort of terrifying.  My drag was so tight that I was physically pulled along for about 50 feet.  The GT was virtually unstoppable and unfortunately for us, he wrapped my fly line and leader around the jagged coral and broke me off.


blog-April-8-2015-7-snake-island-red-sea-sudanIt took a good hour to calm down.  Not just me but Fede as well.  Fede’s favorite fish is the GT and anytime he sees one he goes nuts.  To help us calm our nerves we took a hike on Snake Island and looked for snakes but found nothing more than shed skins.


blog-APril-8-2015-8-teasing-for-trevallyWhen the sun got low in the horizon and spotting fish on the flats became too difficult, Fede took Mike and me to the reef for some teasing.  He launched cast after cast but nothing fell for our fake.  The three of us were losing interest and considering calling it a day.  That’s when a school of at least five bohar snappers (two-spot snapper) arrived.


blog-April-8-2015-9-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-bohar-snapperMike and I tossed behind the teaser at the same time hoping for a double hook up.  I was concentrating on my fly and strip when I heard a tremendous pop.  I couldn’t help but look.  Mikes rod snapped on his cast.  Bad luck.  The bohars were hungry.  While Mike was unfortunately out of commission, the bohars were swarming and I hooked up.  For the second time today chaos broke loose only this time I’d prevail.  Although the awesome snapper pulled me into the sea, I stopped him before the first coral and landed this handsome bohar!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in Sudan – Day 1

blog-April-7-2015-1-flyfishing-in-sudanI enjoyed a deep sleep under the stars chilled by a cool Red Sea and Sahara Desert breeze.  Our boat the Scuba Libre was parked close to mainland Sudan last night.  So close I was awoken to the call to prayer from a mosque in a distant village.  The morning was colder than any I remember from last year and the wind was already up.


blog-April-7-2015-2-flyfishing-the-nubian-flats-with-touretteAfter breakfast Mike and I headed fishing with Mark.  We rode the panga an hour over bumpy seas to a long mountainous island approximately five miles long and a mile wide.  From the island we were in sight of the amazing Sudan landscape.  There’s no saltwater fly fishing venue like this.


blog-April-7-2015-3-flyfishing-the-flats-of-sudanOur boatman dropped us off on the edge of a flat and anchored.  He waits for us all day.  Mark radios him when we’re ready for lunch and again at the end of the day when its time to return to Scuba Libre.  To start our fishing Mark and Mike walked along the beach to fish the narrow flat while I lingered behind prowling the reef blind casting for anything that would eat.


blog-April-7-2015-4-peacock-grouperI picked up a few interesting fish.  One of them a favorite, the peacock grouper, one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean in my opinion, and another good looker, the orange-spotted trevally.  Meanwhile Mike landed a bluefin trevally before Mark spotted the first tailing triggerfish.


blog-April-7-2015-5-flyfishing-the-red-seaAs much as I enjoy species fishing the reef, when Mark hollered trigger I reeled in and waded to the beach.  It’s the challenge of the flats I like the best.  Like fishing the Ranch of the Henry’s Fork at home, the flats require a hunt to find the fish then a precise cast and presentation to catch them.


Here in Sudan the main targeted flats fish are yellowmargin and titan (also known as the giant or mustache) triggerfish.  There’s a third called the Picasso trigger that’s too small for most anglers to care about, of course I’d like to add him to my list.  And although uncommon, there are bonefish and Indo-Pacific permit.


blog-April-7-2015-6-flyfishing-for-triggerfishIt didn’t take long for Mike to interest some triggerfish in his crab patterns.  When a trigger sucks up your fly it doesn’t mean you have them.  These fish have small mouths with teeth like a mad dog and there aren’t many places for a hook to stick.  Mike’s first trigger was the most suicidal Mark (who has fished the salt his entire life) had ever seen.  The greedy fish ate Mikes fly repetitively but the hook kept popping out.  With Mike’s leader all the way to the tip of his rod he went with a trout set and the hook stuck.  Then the strangest part of all, the normally powerful fish didn’t fight and Mike had his first yellowmargin triggerfish.


blog-April-7-2015-7-flyfishing-for-yellowmargin-triggerfishThe triggerfish normally put up a scrappy fight and Mikes next one did.  He landed him and his two were the only ones of the day for us.  We must have cast to thirty of them but they either followed the fly and didn’t eat or spooked from the cast.  Considering these flats almost never get fished they were surprisingly tricky.


blog-April-7-2015-8-flyfishing-for-giant-trevallyAs for the South Africans, a couple more triggerfish were landed and Andrew caught this fantastic giant trevally (GT).  While we were fishing today the Scuba Libre moved to the area we’ll fish tomorrow sheltered by what is called Snake Island.  The wind is cranking and we just finished dinner.


We’re off to a great start.  I’m chilling up top with our Sudanese boat crew getting ready to hunker down for the night.  More to come tomorrow.


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Travel to Sudan – 2015

blog-April-6-2015-1-flying-to-port-sudanMike and I relaxed this morning for the first time since we left the States.  We sat with Nick Bowles and visited over coffee.  I watched the play by play of the Cubs Cardinals baseball season opener on my computer.  It was Sunday night in the US and here in Dubai it was 5 AM.  This Cub fan has high hopes but today’s game had the ever so often unhappy ending.


blog-April-6-2015-2-travel-to-sudanAt 9 AM Nick took us to the airport to head for Port Sudan, Sudan.  Mike and I gave our Sudan Visas, showed our trip itinerary and passports and cleared entry requirements to Sudan.  The terminal for Sudan is wild for people watching.  The array of cultures in the same room waiting for flights to the most unheard of and heard of places is amazing.


blog-April-6-2015-3-iraqi-airlinesAfter we boarded our plane the pilot announced an hour delay because the radar was down.  We roasted in the plane before the good news that we were on our way.  Luckily during the down time, out my window the plane watching was pretty cool.  We were parked next to an Iraqi Airways jet.


We arrived in Port Sudan, Sudan at around 6 PM Sudan time.  Last year this place was total havoc but it was more organized today.


blog-April-6-2015-4-flyfishing-in-sudanOnce we made it through immigration an agent from Tourette – Fight it in Africa collected our passports and led us to a bus.  We loaded and drove north with a few stops for supplies.  At one of the stops I wandered out for a visit with the locals.  Despite what US news would like us to think, the folks here are as friendly as you can imagine.


blog-April-6-2015-5-people-of-sudanWe headed north for three hours.  We went through a few checkpoints and half the drive was in the dark.  I don’t like driving in the dark at home let alone in a place like Sudan.  We dodged a few camels and oncoming trucks with no lights.  It wasn’t the least bit enjoyable.  Eventually we made our destination and were met by our boat staff on the Red Sea.


blog-April-6-2015-6-people-of-sudanThere are three other anglers on this trip all from South Africa, Andrew Early, Mike Murray and Conrad Botes.  They seem like great guys and this should be a fun week.  Once we were met we boarded pangas and headed to our mother ship which is an old but nice cabin cruiser named the Scuba Libre.


blog-April-6-2015-7-scuba-libre-i-sudanOn the big boat my good friends Mark Murray and Fede Castignoli were waiting.  I met Fede here last year and Mark has been a main character on my blog both in Tanzania tigerfishing and last year in Sudan.  He’s been a top guide for Tourette for several years and is making a career of it.  Mark and Fede will be hosting and guiding us this week on the Nubian Flats.


It’s been a long day of travel once again.  Rather than sleep in the cabin below the deck, just like last year I’ve staked out the real-estate up top of our boat under the stars.  There’s hardly a light in sight.


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Queenfish on the Fly – A Very Happy Easter

blog-April-5-2015-1-flyfishing-in-dubaiIt’s full speed ahead here in United Arab Emirates.  Mike and I have been in Dubai less than 48 hours and we have two days of fishing under our belt with Nick Bowles of Ocean Active.  Yesterday fishing was ok but today was tremendous.


blog-April-5-2015-2-jeff-currier-fly-fishing-dubaiFirst of all the wind was down.  Better than that, unlike yesterday there were few people out and the water was all ours (the weekend here is Friday and Saturday and Sunday is actually the first day of the work week).  Best of all, the talang queenfish were busting bait all over the place in front of the south end of the city!


blog-April-5-2015-3-jeff-currier-&-mike-laSota-in-dubaiMike started off our day with a couple quick queenfish.  One on nearly the first cast.  From there was absolute insanity.  I hooked up.  Mike hooked up.  I hooked up.  Mike hooked up.  The talang queenfish went wild and our boat was chaos for four straight hours!


blog-April-5-2015-4-jeff-currier-and-mike-lasota-queenfishingThis is a short blog as Mike and I are leaving Dubai for Sudan in a few hours and we must have our paperwork together.  I’ll have absolutely no contact with the world once we land in Sudan and I wanted to get this post up.  All I can say is this was an unforgettable day and Mike and I thank Nick Bowles.  If you ever come to Dubai or even just pass through – BOOK A DAY with Ocean Active and get into these queenfish!


I’ll be fishing all week in Sudan and I’ll have a post for every day.  However, with no access to the world, posts probably won’t go up till I get back to Dubai on April 14.  Stay tuned.  This trip is off to a rocking start and there’s 31 days to go!


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Return to the Great Fishing of Dubai

blog-April-4-2015-2-flyfishing-in-dubaiThanks to the modern world I’m in a time warp.  Only hours ago I was shooting meadow voles in the back yard and now I’m 8,000 miles from home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates listening to the call to prayer.  And as planned, I’ve already relished in some fishing.


blog-April-4-2015-1-flyfishing-in-dubaiI arrived in Dubai on Friday night with my good friend Mike LaSota.  Mike is from Oregon and we go way back fishing together.  Mike is joining me on the Sudan part of this month long trip.


blog-April-4-2015-3-flyfishing-with-nick-bowlesThere are few flights to Sudan these days but Dubai happens to have a flight there once a week and we’re on the next which is Monday.  Fearing a flight delay on the way to Dubai, Mike and I came a few days early.  In fact, last year I did the exact same thing which led to an unbelievable day of fishing here in Dubai and the beginning of a new friendship with Nick Bowles, founder and owner of Ocean Active.


Nick has fished throughout the world and is an expert on fishing here in the Middle East.  Ocean Active runs guided fishing trips to many locations Nick has fished but specializes in trips to nearby Oman (I’ll be fishing Oman in two weeks) and one day trips off Dubai (make sure to have a long layover when flying through Dubai!).


blog-April-4-2015-4-dubai-fishingYou’d automatically think that there’s poor fishing next to such a massive city as Dubai.  The truth is that it’s excellent.  Last year, despite tough winds and tumbler waves, Nick and I put a hurt on a heap of the fabulous fighting talang queenfish.  I loved catching the queen’s so much that once I signed on to the Sudan trip again for this year, I immediately contacted Nick and reserved a day with Ocean Active.


blog-April-4-2015-5-flyfishing-with-ocean-active-in-dubaiDespite becoming friends with Nick only a year ago, he generously invited Mike and me to stay at his house in Dubai this weekend.  So upon our arrival Friday night we taxied to his house and had a couple late beers and caught up.  After a short night of sleep the three of us were launching Nick’s boat at 6 AM.  Jetlag is for sissies!


blog-April-4-2015-6-jeff-currier-and-mike-lasotaFor a guy nicknamed “Monsoon Currier” 2014 provided a stellar year of fishing trips.  I had a few weather issues but not many.  So when Nick emailed me a few days back promising threatening winds I wasn’t surprised.  But luckily the winds were tolerable to start our morning.  Soon we were in front of downtown Dubai catching the smaller species of queenfish known as the needlescaled.


blog-April-4-2015-7-needlescale-queenfishNeedlescaled queenfish aren’t nearly as formidable as their larger cousins the talangs.  After Mike and I each stuck a few we went on a hunt for birds and bigger bait balls.  Meanwhile the winds picked up and we took a beating as we searched for shoals of busting fish.


blog-April-4-2015-8-flyfishing-in-dubaiWe made a long ride to the shipping channel where Nick and I caught several busting talang queens last year.  It’s illegal to block the channel and fish but we were at that point.  Sadly, even the channel was void of fish.


We kept searching and the place we found them was surprising.  As close to Dubai as you can fish is well protected from wind by jetties and buildings.  Every UAE weekend warrior you can imagine was out having a fun day on the water.  There were boogie boarders, water skiers, jet skis and a constant line of skydivers falling over our heads.  But amongst all the chaos were non-bashful talang queenfish!


blog-April-4-2015-9-flyfishing-for-queenfish-in-dubaiThe first casts we made at birds and bait led me to a hook up.  Line sizzled off but before I hit the backing my fish came unbuttoned.  We continued to cast and the big queens were chasing.  But they were doing what they’re famous for, zooming behind dashing side to side but not eating.  We changed flies and the way we stripped constantly.  Last year I had luck with a fast strip but Nick suggested stopping the fly while the queen is in hot pursuit.  Sure enough the move worked and Mike connected solidly with a chartreuse and white Clouser minnow.


blog-April-4-2015-10-fly-fishing-for-queenfishThis was Mike’s first talang queenfish but he was well aware of them before this trip.  If he has three species he wants to catch on this trip the talang queenfish is one of them.  After a furious battle Mike was posing with his first.  And might I add it was a dandy!


Mike went on to land one other but not as big as the first.  I lost another and landed a tiny orange-spotted trevally.  What was most memorable for me today was almost connecting with a golden trevally.  As a lifted my fly to re-cast there was that amazing gold and black striped fish, lazily refusing.  The golden is a fish I’ve hooked but not landed.


blog-April-4-2015-11-Ocean-ActiveJust as fast as the blitz came on the fish were gone not to be found again.  We reeled it in and called it a day.  On the way in Nick asked Mike and me what our plan was for tomorrow.  Both of us jumped out, “Can we fish again”?


With a smile Nick said, “Why not”?


Looks like we’re on again in the morning.  All three of us are stoked!


blog-April-4-2015-12-ocean-active-dubaiWe ended the great day with a barbeque at Nicks with some Brazilian clients of his that just finished up a week of giant trevally fishing in Oman.  They had a great trip and their stories got Mike and I pumped up!  Beers, steaks, good South African wine – it doesn’t get any better than here in Dubai!


Stay tuned for what will likely be another great fishing day in United Arab Emirates!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

A Month in the Salt Here I Come!

blog-April-1-2015-1-jeffcurrier-flyfising-the-middle-eastI’ve been chewing my nails for a week.  I’ve been scheduled to return to the Nubian Flats of Sudan since last October.  I applied for the difficult to get Travel VISA in November and when I woke up this morning I still didn’t have it.  I leave for Dubai tomorrow and plan to continue on for Sudan on Monday.  But it’s impossible without the VISA.  This morning’s coffee was anything but relaxing.


But my friends of Tourette – Fight it in Africa came through for me as always.  At 9 AM I received my VISA via email and I’m officially ready to go back.



blog-April-1-2015-3-flyfishing-with-tourette-fishingYou may remember I was part of a Tourette exploratory to the Red Sea in Sudan last March (scroll down here to read the 2014 day by day accounts).  The fishing adventure was incredible so when I was invited to return I said yes without hesitation.  I’m packed and ready and as pumped as one can be.


blog-April-1-2015-4-dubai-fly-fishing-ocean-activeThis year, I’ll be joined by my friend Mike Lasota.  Like last year, I’ll be fishing out of Dubai over the weekend with Nick Bowles, founder of Ocean Active before heading to Sudan. After, instead of returning home, I’m hanging in the Middle East for another three weeks.  I’ll meet Granny in Dubai then we’re traveling to Oman to explore some waters barely touched by fly fishers.


I’ll be posting my day by day accounts of this entire trip.  As always, the best fishing locations on the planet have poor or no internet access.  I’ll post when I can and won’t miss a day even if I need to post some after the trip.  Stay tuned for what should be an extraordinary month of blogs!


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Entertaining at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

blog-March-28-2015-1-mossy-creek-flyfishingblog-March-28-2015-2-jeff-currier-speaking-in-vaTo say I had a fun day of entertaining the fly fishers of Virginia on Saturday for the Mossy Creek Fly Fishing 12th Anniversary Party is an understatement.  The day was an absolute hoot from 8AM till the wee hours Sunday morning.  I gave the PowerPoint presentations “Trout Bumming the World”, “Fly Fishing Warmwater” and “Fly Fishing through Midlife Heaven”.  Big fish pics get me fired up and I filled the time in between shows with some knot demos and even went outside to teach fly casting in the wind despite frigid temperatures.


blog-March-28-2015-3-jeff-currier-fish-artNot only did I pull off five gigs, but I drew on several fly boxes and a wall.  Yes, a wall.  The Mossy Creek fly shop has a wall already decorated by Tim Borski, Gary Borger, Brian O’Keefe and Kelly Galloup to name a few.  I worked from a precarious position for nearly two hours filling a space with a rising Snake River Cutthroat.


blog-March-28-2015-4-jeff-currier-tarpon-artworkFor the evening encore, I caught some of the 2015 f3t for the third weekend in a row then joined the entire Mossy Creek staff and all local Madison Trout Unlimited members under 40 for an evening of closing the local establishments of downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Needles to say I’m a bit knackered after such a great day but with absolutely no complaints.  A special thanks to my Mossy Creek hosts Colby and Brian and their staff and all those who came out for the event.


blog-March-28-2015-5-jeffcurrier-cutthroat-artWhile we’re on the subject of speaking, this was my last gig of the 2015 winter season.  If you’re part of a fly fishing club or putting a fly fishing day together this fall or next winter, always keep me in mind as your fly fishing speaker.  I have more programs and subjects available than any other speaker out there and hiring details are here.


Buckle up – next blog I’ll be headed for the Middle East with the Winston, Simms, Abel, Ross and SA arsenal.  Could I be sporting some queenfish by weeks end . . . . .?  Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!


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Fly Fishing the New River in West Virginia

March 26, 2015


blog-March-27-2015-1-flyfishing-west-virginiaWednesday was long.  I had a busy morning around Victor then caught the 1:20 flight from Jackson to Denver and on to Washington DC.  At 11 PM I was met by Colby Trow, one of the founders of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing and we drove two hours to his place in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  I’m here for two days of fishing and to teach and entertain for their shops annual conclave on Saturday.



blog-March-27-2015-2-flyfishing-in-west-virginiaAfter a very short sleep, Colby and I met up with his brother Brian and drove for 2 ½ hours to the boat launch in Sandstone, West Virginia on the hardly discovered, second oldest river in the world, the New.  Here we met their long time friend and guide Duncan McGrath.  Duncan knows the New and he and his brother Phil kindly offered to float along with us in their raft and try to steer us into some nice smallmouth bass and possibly even a muskellunge.


blog-March-27-2015-3-flyfishing-the-new-river-in-wvThe winter back here was one of the coldest snowiest on record so the smallies are deep and sluggish.  I was informed ahead of time they may not be chasing the fly well.  Nonetheless, I packed my 6-weight Winston armed with a fast sinking Scientific Angler Uniform Sink Type 5 and a handful of Clouser Minnows to bounce along the bottom.  I also brought along a Winston SX 10-weight in case we ran into the muskies.  Debacle struck however at the boat launch when I learned that in my sleep stupor earlier that morning I took my reels out of my duffle at Colby’s house and they never made it back in.  What an idiot!  Luckily I had friends to cover me.


blog-March-27-2015-4-musky-fliyWe pushed off in t-shirts and the guys started me chucking an eight inch musky streamer on my 10-weight.  On my third cast a solid smallmouth chased down the jumbo fly and grabbed material everywhere but where the hook was.  The bronze colored fish got wise and disappeared fast but things were looking up in the first minutes.  Of course, that’s only if this wasn’t the old “boat launch” jinx.


blog-March-27-2015-5-flyfishing-the-new-river-in-west-virginiaTwo fishless hours later the wind cranked and out came the fleece.  Colby made a call upstream to Duncan’s boat to see if they had any better luck.  Duncan and Phil were fishing tubes on spin rods and said they caught a few smallies but it was slow.  Soon the weather went south and we were hunkered down against some railroad tracks sheltering from a thunderstorm.  Duncan and Phil caught up to us and we drank a few brews and waited out the lightening.


blog-March-27-2015-6-fishing-in-west-virginiaCatching fish on fly wasn’t in the cards.  After the storm temps plummeted to the low 40°s and the rain dragged on.  Despite excellent raingear I’d have much preferred my G4z waders.  We pulled the rafts out on a slippery old wooden ramp and hoisted them up to our trailer and headed to a cabin Duncan rents.  Soon Brian was grilling us a chicken breast feast while we thawed out.


March 27


blog-March-28-2015-7-west-virginia-trainsIt was a full on “Monsoon Currier” night.  Rain pelted our cabin endlessly.  At times it was louder than the trains clanking down the tracks a mere 50 feet from my bed.  I couldn’t help but picture the New River rising to horrific heights by morning.  Fortunately the rain stopped at 6AM and although the New mucked up, it remained fishable.


blog-March-28-2015-8-new-river-sandstone-west-virginiaThe temps dropped further for Day 2.  It was in the low 30°s when we pushed the rafts off and there were a few snow flakes threatening.  Phil opted out and Brian hopped in with Duncan while Colby and I stayed together and went on a musky mission.  Lousy weather is often ideal for theses toothy monsters.


blog-March-28-2015-9-flyfishing-with-colby-trowDespite both of us working ourselves senseless, Colby rowing and me casting the 10-weight with a fly that should’ve worked, not a creature would stir.  After five relentless hours, I picked up my lighter rod and bounced delicious looking crayfish patterns on bottom for another two hours – not even a touch.  You need to know when to surrender.  Colby and I changed gears and drank three straight beers and enjoyed the rest of the float.


Across river Duncan and Brian worked just as hard but with spin rods.  Even the dark side didn’t clean up.  They landed a largemouth bass, a smallie and a walleye.  The walleye was a pleasant surprise and a first for Brian.


blog-March-28-2015-11-jeff-currier-flyfishing-in-west-virginiaIf I caught fish every outing I’d be bored to death with this great sport.  Sure, I’m a long way from home and a few special natives from West Virginia would’ve been nice.  But it wasn’t meant to be and I can’t argue with our efforts.


blog-March-28-2015-12-jeff-currier-flyfishing-in-sudanThe good news is that the two days were a needed tune up for what’s next in my fishing world.  For all my readers who are chomping for something fishy and exciting, buckle up, on April 2 I’m off to DubaiSudan – Dubai and Oman.  I believe this adventure will make up for three months of work blogs!


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A Weekend in Canada

blog-March-21-2014-jeff-currier-speaking-in-canadaA fun weekend in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada with the Chinook Waters fly Fishing Club has slipped by in a flash.  I drew on a heap of Cliff Fly Boxes, entertained and taught seminars all Saturday then whooped it up with club members for a showing of the f3t fly fishing film during the evening.  I also ate a plate of poutine that left me rather full!  A big travel day up, a full day of speaking and a extended travel day home that didn’t get me to my bed till midnight has slumped back in my easy chair trying to figure out if I should run, ride the bike or just rest up today.


Next on my agenda includes fishing.  On Wednesday I’ll fly to Virginia to meet up with the Mossy Creek Fly Fishing boys.  They are generously treating me to two days of fishing.  For what I’m not yet sure.  Then Saturday it’s another all-out day of seminars at their shop.


blog-March-21-2015-jeff-currier-in-canadaIf you’re in the Mossy Creek VA neck of the woods be sure to swing by and join the fun.  This weekend my seminars include the eye opening “Trout Bumming the World” followed by some knot demonstrations.  For the knots I’ll be concentrating on how to tie up a European nymph leader and fishing three flies at a time.  Then we’ll talk some “Warmwater Fly Fishing”, go outside and bang out “Fly Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul” and end the great day with some world travel and my PowerPoint Presentation “Fly Fishing through Midlife Heaven”.  Hope to see you there!


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2015 Roosterfishing Trip Cancelled Again

blog-March-18-2015-1-sam-vigneri-flyfising-for-roosterfishMy annual roosterfish trip to Baja isn’t so annual lately.  Last year I missed the body-bashing trip for the first time in years because I took on a mahseer project in Bhutan.  Then three weeks ago my 2015 trip was cancelled because my roosterfish companion, Sammy Vigneri, slipped on ice and broke his leg severely.


blog-March-18-2015-2-jeffcurrier-roosterfish-artBut not all is lost.  Instead of eliminating roosterfish completely off the books for 2015, I received an order to paint one for John McMinn.  John’s handsome rooster had some brilliant colors fading from iridescent greens to purples and the fun project got me as close to a rooster as you can get.  John just received the watercolor and was completely stoked!


I’m now packing for the Chinook Waters Fly Fishing Club Conclave in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada.  I’ll be their guest speaker this weekend.  I was there in 2012 and all I can say is these folks like to have fun.


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAJust in case you live nearby, I’ll be doing presentations on Warmwater Fly Fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Fishing Photography and Knots.  Then I’ll end my day presenting “Fly Fishing through Midlife Heaven”.  Then the club follows the day up with a showing of the F3T.  I saw the flick last Friday and it was superb as always.  It should be an awesome work weekend!


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