ICAST 2014 – Orlando Florida

blog-July-19-2014-1-icast-show-orlando-floridaI’m just back from the Fly Tackle Dealer (FTD)/ICAST show in Orlando, FL. This was an event that I didn’t want to leave Idaho for – not with all the great fishing going on near home.  But, it turns out I had a great trip and I got to play with some fantastic new products from the companies I endorse.


blog-July-19-2014-2-winston-fly-rodsLet’s start with Winston Rods.  They have a several new products, the Micro Spey and the Nexus rods.  I didn’t get to toss the Spey rods however folks were raving about them.  I gave the Nexus 5- 6- and 8-weight rods a workout on the indoor casting pond.  The Nexus is not made of Boron but rather 100% graphite.  The unique black colored rods were a delight to cast and I best describe them by saying Winston combined their legendary action with a faster taper through the lower half.  They range from 3- to 12-weight and sell for an affordable $475.  I highly recommend you visit your nearest Winston dealer and give them a try yourself.  They should be in stores by December.


blog-July-19-2014-3-jeff-currier-art-for-winston-fly-rodsWinston is adding two T-shirts with my art on them, a brown trout and a rainbow trout.  These are not my usual watercolor fish but rather fish I did in pastel.  I wanted to do something different from what I sell on my own web store and I’m thrilled about how they turned out!


blog-July-19-2014-4-ross-animas-reelNext of interest is the new Ross Animas fly reel.  This is Ross’s first new product in several years and all I can say is that once again they’ve made another fine fly reel we’ve all come to expect.  This reel is light weight, large arbor, has an impregnated Teflon drag system and is completely anodized.  I don’t just mean the reel house and spool either, the Animas is the first Ross reel to have a fully-anodized machined aluminum handle with reverse taper for superb gripping.  The sizes start at 3-weight and go all the way to a 12-weight and retails are around $250.


blog-July-19-2014-6-scientific-anglers-fly-lineLast but not least, due to the success of the Sharkwave GPX and Ultimate Trout fly lines, Scientific Anglers has already designed additional tapers to the Sharkwave line selection.  They now offer the Siege, Saltwater Titan for big flies (which I secretly fished in Bhutan) and an all around saltwater taper.  There are several other new fly lines as well.  To learn more about them visit or better yet, pick up a copy of their stunning new catalog.  This year the catalog is a full on fly fishing magazine and I think you’ll enjoy my Bolivia article about golden dorado.


Further big news is that owner of Simms Fishing Products, KC Walsh, asked me to join the Simms team.  I already wear and use numerous Simms products so this was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made.  I am thrilled to announce I’m officially endorsing Simms!


That’s it for now.  Wednesday is ladies day on the water.  This year I’ll take Granny and Jessica Chittwood on the Renteria River.  I imagine the girls will give me a workout like they do every year – should be fun though!


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Life on the River

July 11-13, 2014


blog-July-11-2014-1-sam-vigneriIf you’ve been reading the blog for awhile you know about Sammy Vigneri.  Sammy is one of my best friends going all the way back to when we were working together in a fly shop in 1987.  Sammy went to school for about twelve years after that and became a Gynecologist.  He works like a nut but he does well and treats me to Baja fishing trips on a regular basis.


blog-July-11-2014-2-flyfishing-wyomingIf I had the dough I’d take Sammy on a trip but the fly fishing business doesn’t leave you with much extra change.  However, there are some trips right here in Idaho that when done right are equivalent to a world destination.  I took Sammy to the Nunya on a three day overnight and forced him to forget about his stressful job.


blog-July-11-2014-3-flyfishing-the-wind-river-rangeOur fishing was great overall.  The breakdown was like this.  Friday Sammy needed a few hours to get warmed up.  Despite trout fishing his whole life he hasn’t been recently because he works too much.  Twitching hoppers just right to entice brown trout from the deep took a few hours to master.


blog-July-11-2014-4-flyfishing-wyomingAbout the time Sammy had the perfect “twitch” down, thick clouds with rumbles of thunder and constant drizzle turned on the fish like I’ve never seen before in my life.  Brown trout were rising everywhere you looked and Sammy landed an astonishing thirty plus, all on dries, and most ranged from 16” to 19”.  That doesn’t include the misses on strikes and browns that shook the barbless fly on their fourth jump.  Seriously, I’ve never seen browns feed on top like they did Friday.


blog-July-11-2014-5-sammy-vigneriIt rained all Friday night.  By Saturday morning the Nunya rose more than a foot and became murky.  River conditions went from excellent to severely difficult.  On top of our challenging conditions, the trout were full from yesterday and likely off the feed.  We enticed only a few fish up to dries.  Fortunately we were able to muscle out about fifteen nice browns and cutthroats on streamers.


blog-July-12-2014-6-wyoming-sunsetSammy and I suffered through some miserable storms Saturday night.  Sammy bought some of the thickest rib eye steaks you ever saw.  We ended up grilling them in the rain under nerve racking flickers of lightening.  Our plates literally had standing water on them as we cut into the delicious meat.  What was most incredible was that even though we were amidst a storm overhead, the sun found a break in the clouds hundreds of miles away to the west as it set and cast stunning beams of light on our riverside camp.


My rain fly sagged on my tent during the night and the feet end of my sleeping bag got soaked. I’ve had a lot of this in 2014 so the discomfort didn’t faze me and I slept through it like a king.  This morning we awoke to clear skies and a haze of fog over the river.  Miraculously the river level looked about the same as did the color.


blog-July-13-2014-7-fly-fishing-in-wyomingAlthough the river remained high and colored, the fact that it remained stable since yesterday was the key.  Trout adjust to the conditions given and must eat to survive.  I knew that today they’d be back on.  Sammy landed another fourteen hefty Nunya brown trout before we hit my custom take-out at noon.


blog-July-13-2014-8-nunya-river-flyfishingWhat a trip with Sammy.  What a week it’s been with five days on the Nunya (Tue and Wed with Granny, then Fri, Sat and Sun with Sammy).  I’m afraid that’s my fishing for a week as I’m cleaning gear tomorrow then Tuesday off to Orlando to the Fly Tackle Dealer Show.  My next definite day on the water will be a week from now for another one of my favorites, “ladies day” on the river.


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Floating High on the West Fork of the Nunya

July 8 & 9, 2014


blog-July-9-2014-1-flyfishing-in-wyomingThis summer has been a blur.  In fact this year has been a blur.  I’ve hardly done anything normal as far as fishing goes.  Yea, there were a few days on the Henry’s Fork but normally I fish there ten times in June.  It’s been bass, carp, Bhutan, saltwater and a million things other than trout fishing back home.


blog-July-8-2014-2-camping-in-wyomingThis week was time for something that Granny and I love to do.  Something we do because we live in the Yellowstone Country.  Tuesday and Wednesday was our annual overnight float down the Nunya.


blog-July-8-2014-3-brown-trout-fishingIf you aren’t familiar with the Nunya, backtrack on my blog to 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  And there’s another 20 years of stories but they’re before blog times.  Granny and I have been fishing here for a very long time.


blog-July-8-2014-4-winston-fly-rodsGranny and I loaded up the Exploder Monday night and headed for the brew pub nearest the river.  We met up with a friend and got the fishing and water levels report.  The water was up but the bugs were hatching.  Where Granny and I usually go was too high to float and expect to catch fish so we rearranged things and floated a stretch we haven’t done in ten years.  Things worked out just fine.


blog-July-8-2014-5-jeff-currier-in-wyomingWorking out the  Ross Gunnison

blog-July-8-2014-6-flyfishing-wyomingThe average Nunya brown trout

blog-July-8-2014-7-granny-currier-guiding-wyomingBeing guided by Granny

blog-July-8-2014-8-flyfishing-with-granny-and-jeff-currierVino camping time

blog-July-8-2014-9-granny-currierGranny with one of many browns that fell for the dry

blog-July-8-2014-10-smoking-mosquitoesNatural mosquito repellent at camp

blog-July-9-2014-11-flyfishing-for-brown-troutI may have to come back this week!

I apologize for the lack of detail on the last couple blogs.  I have been suffering from TERRIBLE computer issues.  Not just my computer itself but also my internet service.  At this time next week I should have a new computer and already have a much better internet service that doesn’t go down every time lightening strikes.

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Storm Triggered Carp on Blackfoot Reservoir

blog-July-3-2014-1-flyfishing-for-carpI headed back to Blackfoot Reservoir to get Skip Brittenham into a few more carp while he’s here on his 4th of July visit.  Fishing started slow but gradually they started to eat.  When the first clouds filled the sky we only had one landed.  Then rumbles of thunder came from the west followed by strong westerly gusts.  I saw some carp start rolling in the waves.  Thinking it was our last shot before the storm, I had Skip wade out and cast.  The first three casts in a row he caught a 10lb plus mirror carp!  We ended up landing seven!


blog-July-3-2014-2-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-carpJeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Henry’s Fork Marathon 2014

blog-July-1-2014-1-flyfishing-the-henrys-forkWe all have big fishing days from time to time.  I don’t mean fish catching wise, but rather a long hard fought day on the water.  You might get an early start and get home for dinner or you might leave after lunch and get home at dark.  You rack up a good 8-10 hours and call it a great day, or at least a hard effort.


blog-July-1-2014-2-jeff-currier-on-the-henrys-forkMy Henry’s Fork Harriman Ranch Marathon is 15 hours of fishing.  In fact, in my younger days 25 years ago when I started my marathon, it was an 18 hour day leaving the Last Chance parking lot at 5 AM sharp and returning around 11 PM.  In June there’s enough daylight to do this.


blog-July-1-2014-3-osborne-bridge-hernys-forkThese days it’s still a long day of fishing but we leave the Last Chance lot between 7 and 8 AM and get back between 9 and 10 PM so we can celebrate at TroutHunter (see Marathon 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013).  Although a few hours shorter, the one thing still required to consider it “The Marathon” is that you walk all the way to the Osborne Bridge and back, about a 10 mile round trip when you factor I all the zigzagging you do crossing the river fishing.


blog-July-1-2014-4-henrys-fork-marathonAnyone is welcome to come along.  Granny always goes.  She’s never missed one in all the 25+ years.  In fact the Marathon specifically takes place on a Tuesday because it’s her day off, usually on the longest Tuesday of the year.  July 1st is unusual but we missed the longest Tuesday of the year last week because Granny and I were in New Hampshire bass fishing.


blog-July-1-2014-5-erik-moncada-colton-scoffieldAfter a nice night around the fire at the gravel pits Monday night, Granny and I drove into the Last Chance parking lot around 6:30 AM.  I brewed some coffee and Marathon regular of three years, Jon Yusko (JY) came shortly after.  Also along was Erik Moncada (2nd Marathon) and Colton Scoffield (1st) of Boise and one of my Victor pals, Tim Brune (1st).


blog-July-1-2014-6-harriman-ranch-henrys-forkThe weather for the 2014 Marathon will go down as the most enjoyable.  There wasn’t a breath of wind, no clouds and plenty warm.  These aren’t exactly the best conditions for hatches and fishing, but that’s not always what it’s about.


blog-July-1-2014-7-coulton-scoffield-henrys-forkIf you grade our fishing for the entire day, I’ll give it a B-.  The morning session was ok.  Granny and I cast to four big fish.  I lost both mine after the second jump.  Granny lost one after one jump and missed the other eat altogether.  As a group, there were three nice fish landed before we reached Osborne Bridge.


blog-July-1-2014-8-jeff-currier-harriman-ranch-henry's-forkWe reached the bridge at 3 PM.  From 1 till 7 nothing happened.  It was hot.  At 7 PM a hatch of PMD’s, drakes and caddis came off and the fishing went nuts.  I landed two nice fish and hooked and lost another five.  Keeping them buttoned on today was not in my cards.  I had almost no refusals on these finicky fish all day using the Thorax Mahogany Dun.


blog-July-1-2014-9-ranch-on-the-henrys-forkJY and I were last off the river reaching the parking lot at 10:15 PM.  Brune beat us in by a matter of minutes.  The other guys and Granny packed it in at 9.


We celebrated at the Trouthunter with delicious Last Chance Burgers and beer.  I must be getting slightly older because I’m exhausted and sore – but in a rewarding happy way.  Marathon 2014 is in the books.  I hope to see some new participants for 2015!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

The Wind Never Stops in 2014

blog-June-29-2014-1-flyfishing-for-carpYou might remember last year when a couple old customers/good friends from my fly shop times traded some fishing days with me.  They said take us fly fishing for carp and we’ll take you to Bolivia for golden dorado.  I really had to think hard on this but I decided to do it – HA!


blog-June-29-2014-2-Idaho-bullsTom Hansen and Skip Brittenham are in Jackson Hole this week for the 4th of July so I took them carping today and will again on Thursday.  Last year I tuned them on to carping on a small lake with numerous easy to catch mirror carp.  Today we went straight to the bull infested more difficult to fool monster carp of Blackfoot Reservoir.


blog-June-29-2014-3-flyfishing-blackfoot-reservoirI met the guys in Alpine at 8 AM to clear skies and relatively no wind.  Carp is a sight fishing venue so sun and little wind are essential.  It takes about 40 minutes to get to the lake from there and then you drive along looking for tails and muds.  If you find one mirror carp you’ve found a bunch and usually you can stake up on them for the entire day.  But when we arrived it was already windy.


blog-June-29-2014-4-flyfishing-in-the-windIn 2014 it seems the wind never stops no matter where I go.  Some of you see me on the casting ponds demonstrating at the Fly Fishing Show in the winter telling you wind is your friend.  It can be but not when it’s blowing a steady 25 mph day after day.  My boys toughed it out but for the most part it was miserable at Blackfoot Reservoir.


blog-June-29-2014-5-skip-brittenham-carp-fishingThat being said however, giving up isn’t really in my DNA.  I have one small stretch of Blackfoot that is almost always sheltered from the wind.  Sure enough it was and the guys got into some fish!


Next on the agenda is one of my favorites – The Henry’s Fork Marathon!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

A Great Week of Warmwater Fly Fishing Ends

I’m sore from all the paddling I did today.  Naturally it was windy as all get out and I did most of the day by myself – actually the perfect way to end a great trip on the home waters.  The fishing wasn’t spectacular but I managed a couple nice smallies, one largemouth and a decent chain pickerel.  This was a great trip that might become an annual.  It’s back to Idaho in the morning.  I’ll leave you with a few more pictures from the trip.

blog-June-24-2014-1-yellow-perchYellow perch on the Ben Byng popper

blog-June-24-2014-2-pumpkinseed-sunfishMontana Currier with a nice pumpkinseed sunfish

blog-June-24-2014-3-fly-fishing-in-new-hampshireGranny relaxing in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

blog-June-24-2014-4-flyfishig-for-bassA New Hampshire largemouth bass

blog-June-24-2014-5-fly-fishing-lake-winnipesaukeeSierra Rose with a rock bass on her Ross Journey fly fishing outfit

blog-June-24-2014-6-flyfishing-for-pickerelFly fishing for chain pickerel

blog-June-24-2014-7-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-bluegillFly fishing Back Bay for bluegill sunfish

blog-June-24-2014-8-fly-fishing-for-smallmouth-bassA smallmouth bass from Lake Winnipesaukee

blog-June-24-2014-9-flyfishing-for-pumpkinseed-sunfish“The” pumpkinseed sunfish

blog-June-24-2014-9-fly-fisihing-in-new-hampshireA great trip to Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire!

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

A Bass Slamming Day for Granny

blog-June-23-2014-1-flyfishing-for-bassI absolutely wanted to get Granny an epic bass on the fly day like I enjoyed yesterday.  Due to the fact that my canoe was still in Dads truck I decided to take her right back to the lake Don and I ended on yesterday with the smallmouth and largemouth bass.


blog-June-23-2014-2-flyfishing-new-hampshireWe got there at 6 AM.  Conditions were glassy calm and the temperature was already in the 70s.  I paddled and Granny threw poppers on my 5-weight Winston.  She was into fish almost immediately.


blog-June-23-2014-3-granny-furrier-flyfishing-for-largemouth-bassGranny got her amazing day.  I did something I rarely do; I kept track of every fish she caught.  Granny landed eight smallmouth bass and twenty-one largemouth.  Like yesterday, none were big but many were respectable bass like the one she’s holding below.


blog-June-23-2014-4-granny-currier-flyfishing-New-hampshireWe left the lake before 11 AM and spent much of the day relaxing, swimming and getting better on the paddle boards.  We also took a trip into town to enjoy a few brews at our favorite lakeside restaurant, Garwoods.  Afterwards we walked the docks of Back Bay and I spotted a remarkable pumpkinseed sunfish.


blog-June-23-2014-5-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-sunfishThis pumpkinseed was so big that I ran back to camp, grabbed my rod and returned.  Granny remained behind and kept an eye on this monster who evidently called this particular dock his home.  I flicked a Chernobyl ant around the dock hoping to entice him but to no avail.  He came out and looked but he would not rise to it.  Then I put on a nymph and that was the ticket.  This amazing pumpkinseed devoured the fake then posed for few pics with me.  Pumpkinseed sunfish are one of freshwaters prettiest!


Another great day fly fishing in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  Tomorrow is our last day and it will start with the smallies near camp.  Stay tuned. . . .


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

A Fly Fishing for Bass Day to Remember

blog-June-22-2014-1-jeff-currier-smallmouth-bass-fishingWe’ve yet to have decent bass fishing this trip.  Sure we’ve picked up a few, but not like I’m used to here in my old stomping grounds on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  This morning it looked as though this trend was to continue.  Again the wind was blowing at 5 AM making it difficult to get to my favorite smallmouth bass grounds in the canoe.  Granny and I tried but we were forced back near camp to the sheltered Goodhue and Hawkins Boatyard area.


blog-June-22-2014-2-flyfishing-for-smallmouth-on-lake-winnipesaukeeAt 7 Granny gave up and I figured I would also.  When we got to camp my sister Becky was there getting ready to fish from shore.  She suggested the wind was dying and talked me into going back out for another look.


blog-June-22-2014-4-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-smalliesBecky was right and I finally got into the spot I’ve wanted to fish all week.  The wind was down to a light breeze.  This is perfect because the slight chop hides the fly line on the water and the breeze blows the canoe along at the ideal speed so that you can cast rather than continuously paddle.  On my second cast this spectacular smallie sipped my popper like a Henry’s Fork rainbow sips a Pale Morning Dun.


blog-June-22-2014-3-flyfishing-for-smallmouth-bassI felt the magic when I released that first smallie.  Off he went from one side of the canoe and I launched my popper back out the other side.  Immediately another sizeable smallie sipped my popper and I landed him also.


blog-June-22-2014-6a-flyfishing-for-bassIn two hours I landed an amazing nine 14” to 18” smallies.  Every fish came on the popper and they all sipped the fly in memorable fashion.  I love nothing more than seeing their ghostly figure materialize beneath my popper between pops.  The experience is like no other.  Unfortunately Becky got blanked.  I guess she needs to read up on my smallmouth bass tactics on my website!


blog-June-22-2014-6-flyfishing-in-new-hampshireLate afternoon brother in law Don and I loaded the canoe up in dads F250 and drove to a small lily pad covered lake.  I wanted a change of scenery from the big lake and Back Bay.  Don and I caught another thirty bass  – a nice mix between smallmouth and largemouth. The largemouth below was the biggest, but every fish came on poppers.

blog-June-22-2014-7-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-largemouth-bassToday was that one you hope for on every week long fishing trip.  The day where the weather cooperates and the fish are hungry.  I’ve fly fished for bass all my life and this was one of the best!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing