Back to the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo

Been awhile since I spoke at Boise’s Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo but this year I’m back and I’m pumped!  In fact I’m out the door right now and on my way.  The drive will start tough due to the massive storm over the last few days but I believe once I get past Pocatello the drive should be smooth sailing.  Anything to get me away from shoveling!


This fantastic show is Friday and Saturday and I’ll be giving eight presentations.  Here’s my schedule.  I hope to see many of you there!


12:30 – “Fly Fishing in and around Jackson Hole”

2:30 – “Fly Casting 101”

4:30 – Tricks and Tactics for Fly Fishing the World’s Best Flats

6:30 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”


10:30 – “Trout Bumming the World”

12:30 – “Fly Casting 101”

2:30 – “Streamer Tricks for More and Larger Trout”

4:30 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Show Season Travel Hazards Begin Already

2017 is flying by already.  The Denver Fly Fishing Show is in the books and tonight I’m looking over my presentations for my trip to Boise for the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo this weekend.  The first show was excellent and I thank all those that swung by to say hello and took in my talks.  Here’s Joe Humphreys and I having a good time at the autograph booth late Sunday.


The real story of the weekend was my drive to and from Denver.  It’s a 7 hour drive to Denver from home on dry roads.  Going down Thursday I took the northerly route through the Tetons and over Togwotee Pass on to Casper, WY because we had a big snowstorm the day before that made I-80 a mess.  The trip took 10 hours but it was a stunning bluebird day to enjoy.


Naturally, another storm moved into the Rockies over the weekend.  I always leave right after the show and drive till the wee hours of the morning to get home by 2 AM.  Driving through a snowstorm in Wyoming at night in January isn’t fun and isn’t safe but as you know I am a thrill seeker and was going for it nonetheless.


The show ended at 4:30 on Sunday and I was on my way before 5 PM.  Despite some icy spots on the highway and 50 MPH plus winds on I-80, I rolled into Rock Springs, WY at 10:30 PM relatively unshaken.


Things changed drastically from there to Pinedale, WY.  After filling my Yeti Tumbler with coffee and shooting a 5-Hour Energy I was headed north.  It was inky dark and I drove no more than 45 MPH due to animals.  There was an unreal jackrabbit hatch but I saw hardly any big game.  But the snow had been falling all day and roads and visibility got hectic.


Despite feeling like I shouldn’t, I continued past Pinedale for home.  It was 1 AM.  Ten miles out of Pinedale the roads hadn’t been plowed in hours and soon I was four-wheeling through a foot of snow.


When I entered Hoback Canyon I gave myself a 50% chance of making it through.  Granny’s Jeep was struggling and my body ached from clenching the steering wheel so tight for hours.  I didn’t turn back for Pinedale because I feared that if I stopped I’d be stuck.  I comforted myself knowing I keep a killer emergency kit with me for these exact horrors.


Sure enough, only a mile from making it through the canyon, I ran into a snow slide covering the road.  Bad luck even for a guy nicknamed “Monsoon”.  Thank god I was driving slowly because by the time I saw the white mass I was close.  I hit the brakes and slid.  When I stopped my bumper barely touched it.  Lucky guy.


This was a fresh avalanche that happened minutes before my arrival.  If only I took a photo.  But it was a terrifying place to be knowing another avalanche was lurking.  In a panic I threw the jeep in reverse and spun around.  It was a miracle I didn’t get stuck.  Even Jimmy Johnson would have been impressed.  At 3:45 AM I returned to Pinedale and got a hotel room.  I was miserably exhausted and damn lucky.


Even while working I manage to find adventure.  I awoke at 10 AM this morning and the Hoback Canyon avalanche was cleaned up and the road was open this afternoon.  I took this photo of another car driving past the very avalanche that could’ve taken me out last night.  Whoa!  It was a big one.


I’m home and it’s presently dumping snow again. Hoback Canyon slid again and the road is closed.  This is a good snow year for our trout.  I can deal with travel hazards knowing our speckled babies will be healthy next summer.  I leave Thursday for Boise.  Stay tuned. . . .


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Denver Fly Fishing Show 2017

2017 will be another great year!

There’s a reason I go on a month long fishing trip in November and December.  It’s because starting the day after Christmas I work almost every day until the end of March.  It’s go time show time folks and for the next three months I’ll be on the road entertaining, teaching fly fishing seminars, giving casting demonstrations and doing my artwork.


Here’s my growing 2017 schedule.  Catch up with me along the way!


This week it’s the Denver Fly Fishing Show starting Friday January 6-8.   You can see my presentation times below.  Between my talks you’ll find me at my booth.  Just look for the table full of fish coffee mugs and beer steins along with Cliff and Scientific Angler fly boxes decorated with my fish art.


You can watch me do my artwork.  In fact, you can buy a fly box at the show and I’ll draw up any fish you want.  Or bring your own fly box, computer, backpack or you name it from home and I’ll do that.  My show time is limited so it never hurts to let me know in advance your requests or needs – Contact Jeff.


Here are my seminar and demonstration times for this weekend at the Denver Fly Fishing Show.  Click on the presentation titles for full details:


1:30 – Release Room – “Fly Fishing for Carp”

3:00 – Authors Booth


10:30 – Release Room – “Warmwater Fly Fishing – Bass, Pike and More”

1:00 – Authors Booth

3:15 – Pond 2 – “Fly Casting 101”


10:30 – Release Room – “Streamer Tactics for More and Larger Trout”

1:30 – Authors Booth

3:15 – Pond 1 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

Don’t forget to “Like” my new Biz Page on FB!  Thanks!

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The Last Day of this Month Long Journey

December 13, 2016


The wind stopped and the normal heat was back for our morning of fly fishing in Dubai.  The sea was glass which you learned earlier on this trip in the Seychelles, isn’t exactly ideal for fly fishing.  Nonetheless, Nick Bowles of Ocean Active, Sam Vigneri and I went out to toss of the fly rod one last time for this trip.


Not only was the ocean flat but it was stirred up from the five days of horrible wind.  We couldn’t find clean enough water for queenfish until we went an hour out to sea.  We finally found the queenfish but their attacks on baitfish were sporadic at best.  Sammy hooked up to the first after two hours of chasing.


While landing Sammy’s queenfish we found a baby hawksbill sea turtle with so many barnacles attached to his shell he couldn’t swim.  Hawksbills are listed as “critically endangered” so we took him aboard and later delivered him to the Turtle Rehabilitation in Jumeirha.  No doubt they will remove these growths and release him back to the Dubai waters.  Hopefully he gets himself a good hundred years of life!


We’d end up catching a queenfish each.  No comparison to our first morning a week ago but it was a nice way to spend the last morning regardless.  We worked our way home at around noon.



Sammy’s and my last vacation event was to go up the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.  The elevator ride to the 148th floor was so fast our ears popped.  Up top we could feel the building sway but the view was one we won’t likely forget.





This insane-wonderful trip comes to an end in a few minutes.  Sammy and I are about to board our flights for home.  If all goes well we should be home in 36 hours.  It’s been an incredible journey through South Africa, Lesotho, Farquhar Atoll in the Seychelles, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  I hope you enjoyed the ride.


Happy Holidays everyone.  I hope to see you all during my Fly Fishing Show tour and thanks so much to my incredible sponsors that make my far-flung fishing possible:

Yellow Dog Flyfishing AdventuresFlyCastawayOcean ActiveWinston RodsYetiBauer ReelsScientific AnglersSimmsCostaKate’s Real Food


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Weather Cancels Fishing Day in Dubai

December 12, 2016


The torrent wind continued to rip at 6 AM this morning.  Nick and I had our coffee and decided there was no need to torture ourselves trying to catch a fish.  Instead, Nick worked and Sammy and I chilled out and toured Dubai.





I led Sammy through his first mosque.  Then we nailed burgers and beers at Serafina, my personal favorite hang out at Souk Al Bahar overlooking the fountains and under the Burj Khalifa.  Then we did my other favorite thing in Dubai.  We entered the Dubai Mall (world’s largest) and visited the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.


Although our flights home aren’t until late tomorrow night, tonight was our last real night of the trip.  I don’t need to tell you we went big.  Nicks tour began like our first night at the Al Qasr Hotel.


From there we went to Nicks second favorite bar in Dubai, the Bahri Bar overlooking the waterways and the Burj Al ArabNick and I had a few tall beers while Sammy went the Mojito route.


We weren’t done.  Sammy requested a top-notch restaurant and he took Nick and I to the Times of Arabia for Lebanese food.  It was un-flipping believable.  I recon next time I pass through the Middle East with Granny we’ll drop in to Beirut, Lebanon for a few day’s indulging this great food.


A perfect night partying in Dubai must end in style.  Sammy led us out on the deck at the Times of Arabia for the Shisha.  They have a full menu of tobacco choices.  I enjoyed a mix of apple and mint.


Life isn’t a dress rehearsal.  We’re living large here in Dubai and the wind has stopped.  Tomorrow morning we’ll make it to the water one last time.


Dubai is a common place for a layover.  I highly recommend extending the layover at least a day.  Get rid of the jetlag and wet a line with my friend Nick Bowles and Ocean Active for some queenfish and more!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in Abu Dhabi

December 10 & 11, 2016


It was a little crisp loading Nicks truck and hooking up the flats boat yesterday morning.  I didn’t know it got that cold in the United Arab Emirates.  It must have been only 60°.  Toss in the howling wind – it wasn’t looking good for our exploratory adventure for flyfishing in Abu Dhabi.


We went for it though.  Fishing the unsheltered waters of Dubai was impossible and we weren’t going to sit around and visit the world’s largest shopping malls.  It’s less than a two-hour drive down to Abu Dhabi.  We pulled into a marina at 10 AM and launched the boat.


Indeed the wind was strong here too.  Luckily, some of the waters of Abu Dhabi are protected with islands and manmade channels.  There’s a few buildings helping to block the wind as well.  Nick felt we could at least give it a go.


Our first move was to pick up Nicks friend, Trevor.  Trevor is Nicks partner in Ocean Active and recently moved from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.  We meandered through the peculiar water channels to another marina and picked up Trevor.  Sammy says the buildings around here make him feel as if he’s fishing in a Dr. Seuss movie.


Once we got Trevor we headed out fishing.  Nick’s been here a few times but admits there’s plenty of exploring to be done.  Highest on his list is to find fish on the flats.  Yes, I said flats.  Here’s one.  The problem for us today was the wind and furthermore, Nicks boat is too big for poling and the bottom is too soft for wading.


We wind drifted the edge of the flats.  We tossed Clouser’s sinking them off the edges and into holes hoping to find some fish.  Casting was hectic in the wind.  Nicks has caught queenfish and golden trevally here as well as some grouper species.  Though we were chucking and stripping, all eyes were on the flats hoping to see a protruding fish tail among the whitecaps.




We didn’t spot any fish and eventually we couldn’t even cast.  The wind steadily increased and at noon it was so bad we were laughing.  That’s all you can do.  The wind jumped to a steady 35 knots and gusted up a sandstorm.  We were lucky to be sheltered in a narrow channel where we waited it out.  It took at least an hour.


At 2 PM the wind began to drop.  As ridiculous as it sounds, 30 knots were welcome.  Although Nick and I got back after it, Sammy was not taking the weather as well.  I believe he changed my name from “Monsoon” to “Sandstorm Currier” because I’ve actually seen many sandstorms.  Most were far worse than this during my travels through India, Egypt and Sudan.


As you would expect, the Currier persistence never let up.  I could see that if I stopped trying the boys might want to pack it in.  Casting and stripping is all I did like a machine.  Like a closer having to pitch a whole game.


And you know it, at last I stuck a fish.  The strike not only caught me by surprise because the fishing was so slow, but also it was fierce.  It hit like a freight train then held its ground.  But only for a few seconds.


To my delight, the fish was a new species for my list.  He’s either a brown spotted grouper (Epinephelus chlorostigma) or a duskytail grouper (Epinephelus bleekeri) or an orange spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides).  We’ll figure him out later.  Bottom line is that we didn’t get blanked today.  And in fact I caught two of these snazzy looking groupers.


We packed it up at sunset.  Considering the conditions, we could pat ourselves on the back.  It was flat out miserable out there but we fished all freaking day!


We parked the boat in a marina and headed for Trevor’s house to spend the night.  Trevor and his wife have very nice apartment overlooking the water.  And you guessed it, we divulged over a barbecue to die for!


December 11, 2016


We had full intentions of fishing hard again today.  We got out early and drove the boat all the way to Abu Dhabi harbor.  At first the wind was tolerable but its strength grew fast.  By noon it was once again no less than horrible.  Unlike yesterday, today we reeled it in early and we are presently back at Nicks.  The weekend in Abu Dhabi was challenging but it’s always great to see new water.  Two more days left of the great fishing trip. . . .

Dubai is a common place for a layover on the way someplace fun.  Get rid of the jetlag and wet a line with my friend Nick Bowles and Ocean Active for some queenfish and more!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Storm Kills our Fishing in Dubai

Nick Bowles, Sammy and I made an attempt at fishing today in Dubai.  We took Nicks flats boat out but the wind was huge.  Not only that, the temperatures reached a high today of 70°.  That’s pretty cold for here.  We pulled off the water after two hours of struggling and no queenfish.


Resting this afternoon wasn’t all bad.  It was Sammy’s and my first real rest of the trip.  I caught up on the blog and drew a queenfish on Nicks Yeti Cooler for fun.


We went big again tonight on the town.  Nick led us up to the Vault Bar in the Marriott’s Marquis Hotel.  This is the tallest hotel in the world and about the fanciest place I’ve been to in recent memory.  We all had to dress up a bit.  We had a few $15 beers then returned to Nicks for dinner.  Check out this drink menu!



The weather will actually get worse for the next two days.  Its undoubtedly going to kill our fishing.  But we don’t give up easily.  In the morning we will drag Nicks flats boat down to Abu Dhabi and give it a try anyhow.  Whether we can catch fish or not, I’ve not been to Abu Dhabi so it will be a new experience.


Dubai is a common place for a layover on the way to the Seychelles.  Stretch it out and get rid of the jetlag by wetting a line with my friend Nick Bowles and Ocean Active for some queenfish and more!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Return to Flyfishing in Dubai

The night was short.  Sammy and I flew a redeye from Mahe, Seychelles to Dubai, United Arab Emirates arriving at 4:20 AM.  I slept 3 hours so at touch down I was rested and ready to bust through customs.  Sammy tagged along wearily for two reasons.  He was tired but also on edge.  This is Sam’s first time in the Middle East and like many Americans, he’s expecting trouble around every corner.


I’ve spent much time in the Middle East and particularly in Dubai.  I can tell you the people are wonderful; the culture is amazing and I’ve had nothing but great experiences.  I love it here and soon after customs we were at my friend Nick Bowles house scrambling to get our 9 and 10-weights rigged for sunrise.


Nick is the owner of Ocean Active.  Ocean Active is a tackle shop/fly shop and a guide service that specializes in fishing around Dubai and the neighbor country, Oman (Granny and I fished Oman in 2015).  He’s gradually adding Abu Dhabi as well and in fact we’ll head up there later this week to do some exploring.  If you ever come to Dubai or can arrange a layover of a day while enroute somewhere else, fishing with Ocean Active is a must.


We didn’t make the water by sunrise but it was close.  Nick and his mate Noan motored slowly out of the harbor while Sammy and I rigged up size 2 Clouser’s for queenfish.  Good colors are chartreuse and white or gray and white.  Most important is that the flies are sparsely dressed. Queenfish can be finicky.


Fishing under the city of Dubai is amazing.  If you fly fish often I’m sure 99% of it is done in remote places as far from humans as possible.  Usually the more humans the worse the fishing.  But not here.  The Tallest Block in the World looms over every cast, boogie boarders come close and parachuters jump from a plane above you.  Yet there are fish.  Sammy was awestruck.


We weren’t fifteen minutes out of the harbor when near the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel we found our first school of bait busting queenfish.  Nick and I watched as Sammy came to life and launched his cast.  One strip and he was hooked up.


There are several species of queenfish.  These are the talang queenfish (the biggest) and here in Dubai they often reach 15lbs.  This bad boy was a lunker and he beat the daylights out of Sammy.  No doubt he wasn’t expecting it.  The best thing about queenfish, unlike jacks that they’re compared to, they jump several times.


That first fish blew Sammy’s mind.  No doubt, after a challenging week in Farquhar he wasn’t expecting to be holding a huge fish two hours after arriving in Dubai.  But trust me folks, this place has an unbelievable fishery.  As long as I keep sticking fish with regularity here in Dubai, Nick Bowles and family will be stuck with me!


Sammy tore it up this morning landing ten big queenfish!  I was struggling from the back of the boat landing only the occasional queen while he was bent constantly.  These fish stretch the arms so bad Sam was begging me to switch places so he could rest.  I refused with a smile on my face.


This week stopover in Dubai is no doubt for fishing.  But it’s also meant to be a “true” vacation.  Sammy has a stressful job and hasn’t been away from home for this long in 25 years.  For me, I’m about to start a three-month speaking tour giving seminars and talks on fly fishing.  This week will include some relaxing.  We reeled in at 11 and motored through the Tallest Block in the world for a decadent lunch – courtesy of Sammy.



Our plan was to eat at the Yacht Club.  For the second try in a row (Nick and I tried after landing a huge golden trevally 2015) we were too early for beers.  Instead we headed to the outskirts of town and had a phenomenal lunch and beers at 101 One and Only.


After lunch Sammy slugged out yet a few more queenfish.  I battled Sammy to stay in the back of the boat where I accepted an afternoon blank.  Such is life.  It made my day to see Sam catch so many amazing fish.  It was truly a fishing day for the history books for any angler.


There is some beat news.  “Monsoon Currier” strikes again.  A storm front has moved in and will last the next four days.  In the Middle East, this means 30 knot wind with gusts to 40, cold temps (upper 60°s) and believe it or not, possibly Dubai’s first rain in a year.  Nick took Sammy and I to see the incredible Al Qasr Hotel then to the outdoor establishment, Pierchic Bar.  I can honestly say I froze my butt off.  There’s been a huge drop in temp since we got off the water this afternoon.


Despite exhaustion, when we returned to Nicks around 10 PM tonight we lit up the barbecue.  Nick broke out the fine red wine and we stayed up catching up till the early hours.  Life is so damn good.  I just hope tonight wasn’t our last barbecue of the trip due to this dang weather I caused!


Dubai is a common layover enroute to the Seychelles.  I highly recommend staying here at least a day.  Get rid of the jetlag and wet a line with my friend Nick Bowles and Ocean Active for queenfish and more!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

All Great Journeys come to an End – Hurry up and Book the Next – Farquhar!

When a long-awaited trip comes to an end its sad.  I booked this Yellow Dog Hosted trip to Farquhar in the Seychelles back in October 2015.  Seems like yesterday and now it’s over.  Life is passing way too fast.  Which is exactly why I’ll keep doing as many of these trips as my time allows.


I awoke early this morning and made a few casts off the back of the Maya’s Dugong then reeled it in.  Our fishing wasn’t what we expected but after putting this blog together, the group caught numerous amazing fish.  It’s been an excellent trip with one of the best group of folks you can imagine.


I’m almost certain I will return to Farquhar around the same time in 2017.  For next trip the rebuilt guesthouse will be open and ready. While the Maya’s Dugong was a great platform due to the 2015 cyclone, the new accommodation promises to be comfortable, spacious and easy.  Already some of the guys on this trip asked for first dibs meaning the trip will fill fast.  If you’re interested contact me sooner rather than later.


This wild blog run hasn’t ended.  Sammy and I are flying to Dubai at midnight arriving there at 4:20 AM tomorrow.  We should be chasing queeny’s by 7 AM with my friend Nick Bowles.  Then later in the week we’ll be exploring the flats of Abu Dhabi.  Be ready. . .


Enjoy a few last photos from Farquhar 2016

Our GT fishing was slow but Darrel put one more on the board yesterday.

Lance dredged up the most unusual catch of the week – one of many species of goatfish (yes Lance, I’m jealous!).

Sammy didn’t get his GT (yet) but his array of species has been unbelievable – a spectacular bonefish.

Tom with a stunning bluefin trevally off the beach.

John with a hefty spangled emperor.

Good luck catching a green jobfish on the fly other places around the world – Steve.

Skip with a monster yellowlip emperor fish!

The GT’s were hiding.  We’ll get em next time – African marbled grouper.

Thanks for following the blog!

Join me next trip!

Getting to these amazing places and catching unfathomable fish doesn’t happen without the greatest sponsors a fishing bum could have.  Thankyou – Yellow Dog Flyfishing AdventuresR.L. Winston Fly RodsBauer Fly ReelsSimmsScientific AnglersYetiCosta SunglassesKate’ Real Foods

Still have plenty of room for a beer sponsor. . . . . 

The Seychelles are truly one of the great saltwater fly fishing destinations left in the world.  To learn more or even better, join me on my next trip here, contact me or Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures!

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A Weather Change for the Last Day at Farquhar

A change in weather arrived last night.  You could feel the Maya’s Dugong rocking side to side as you slept.  When morning came and I went out on the deck and there were storm clouds and strong wind.


We went from one extreme to the other, but it was our last day so despite the threat of stormy weather everyone grabbed their gear and climbed aboard the skiffs.  It didn’t matter where you went, it was a rough boat ride.  Luckily it wasn’t raining but my Simms rain jacket was essential for protection from the boat splash.


I fished with Sammy and our guide was Peter King from Mahe.  Peter guided me last trip and we had a stellar day which included catching a saddleback grouper.  Peter is considered one of the top giant trevally guides at Farquhar.  He put Tom on his yesterday and has seen the most GTs this week.  Sammy had an incredible last two days with numerous species but he’d put this trip through the roof with a giant trevally on the last day.


We went straight to Peters favorite GT spot.  It’s a tiny sand-spit of an island and there was strong current from the outgoing tide.  The wind was howling off the open ocean a short distance away.  There was static in the air and the terns told me something was going to happen.


We scanned the waves of the deep flat for an hour.  In the distance beyond casting range Peter pointed out three big GT’s chasing bait.  He assured Sammy they’d make it in range if we stayed patient.  Sure enough they did and Sammy went into action.


Sammy’s cast couldn’t have been more perfect.  All three giant trevally saw his fly hit the water and came charging.  Sammy crouched down and stripped like mad.  The faster you move your fly the better for GT’s.  One devoured the fly but due to the excitement, instead of strip setting Sam lifted his rod and did a trout set.  The equivalence of buck fever.  There was no chance to drive the hook into the hard mouth of the GT.


Sammy was upset with himself, but you can’t look back.  We do this sport for fun.  I’ve been saltwater fly fishing for over 25 years and I can’t recall a trip where I didn’t screw up at least one good fish with a trout set.  We fly fishers are human.  Strange humans but humans nonetheless.


That was it for Peters island spot.  We waited another hour but there were no more chances.  The wind began to lay down and the sun came out.  It was time to move.  We took a boat ride and beached in the Farquhar Atoll lagoon.  Then we hiked across the thickest part of the island for the ocean flats.  The damage from last year’s cyclone was a sight to behold.


I love the flats that butt up to the open ocean.  The fish are tough but there’s always a lot of action with a variety of species.  While Sammy and Peter didn’t give up the quest for that big GT, I went to catch some fish.


I started with a few cast to triggerfish.  They’ve humbled us all week and continued to do so.  Then I got into school of nice bonefish and landed a few.  Then I caught this pompano.  There are many different species of pompano and this one I’ll need to look up.  He’s very similar to the largespot pompano I caught in Oman but definitely has smaller spots.

Matt Cosson identified him as the three spotted pompano also known as the small spotted dart.


It was a nice afternoon to end fly fishing Farquhar 2016.  I almost always had something to cast to.  Sammy had the same luck of spooking triggers and landing some bonefish.  What he caught that was special was this sea turtle!





We rapped it up and tonight I finished all sharpie art projects that needed to be done.  While most the fish I drew this week were locals of the flats, James Christmas had me draw tigerfish in his XXL t-shirt.  The thing looked bad ass if I do say so myself!


Though today was our last day fishing on Farquhar, the blog will remain fun.  First of all, I’ll sum up the trip and show more photos of cool fish tomorrow.  Then for me and Sammy, it’s off to United Arab Emirates for another week of saltwater fly fishing with my pal Nick Bowles of Ocean Active.  Stay tuned. . . . 


The Seychelles are truly one of the great saltwater fly fishing destinations left in the world.  To learn more or even better, join me on my next trip here, contact me or Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing