Idaho to Montreal – Half Way to McKenzie River Lodge

blog-July-31-2015-1-jeff-currier-flyfishing-labradorWe had smooth sailing from home to Montreal.  Believe it or not Montreal is only a bit more than half way to McKenzie River Fly Fishing Lodge in Western Labrador from Victor.  That’s how far north we’re headed.  Tomorrow we’ll fly to Wabush, Labrador on Provincial Air then by Twin Otter floatplane to Andre Lake where the lodge sits.  This trip should be UNREAL!


blog-July-31-2015-2-landlocked-salmon-artwork-by-jeff-currierWe just finished dinner with Paul Ostiguy who is hosting us this week.  Although this trip is a hunt for huge brook trout, we might catch some landlocked salmon.  In Labrador they call them Ouananiche.  I surprised Paul with this original watercolor painting I did for him earlier in the month.  And yes, this beautiful species is now available on any of my products at Fish and Game Art Gifts!


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We’re Very Lucky to be Headed to Labrador!

blog-July-30-2015-1-paul-ostiguy-mckenzie-river-lodgeIf you wondering how the heck the Currier’s have pulled off yet another incredible trip – it goes like this. . . .


As most of you know I spend three months of winter on the road speaking at the Fly Fishing Shows and fly fishing clubs throughout the USA and Canada (2016 schedule is up).  Along the way I meet many great folks both in and out of the fly fishing industry.  Over the years at the Marlboro MA Fly Fishing Show and the famous Somerset NJ Fly Fishing Show we met Paul Ostiguy, Managing Partner for McKenzie River Fly Fishing Lodge in Labrador.  We’ve become good friends and the bottom line is Paul is one heck of a cool and generous guy because he’s invited us up to see his lodge.


blog-July-30-2015-2-flyfishing-labradorThe good news is trips like this work for Paul and us.  Sure, Granny and I are going to one of the greatest brook trout lodges on the planet with little expense, but we’ll help generate some traffic Paul’s way.  When we’re at the Shows he’ll have references around the corner from his booth.  Please come by and see Granny and me this winter and we’ll give you the scoop and show you some photos from the trip.  Of course I’ll be documenting the day by day accounts on my blog.  And, I’ll have one nice new segment for my PowerPoint presentation, “Trout Bumming the World” which many of you will see in at some point at a show or your club.


We’re packed and ready and heading for Montreal in the morning where we’ll meet up with Paul before heading to McKenzie River Fly Fishing Lodge on Saturday.


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Off to McKenzie River Lodge in Labrador

blog-July-29-2015-1-flyfishing-for-brooktroutI vividly remember sitting in dads lap back in the late 60’s and early 70’s on Saturday afternoons watching sports.  The minute The Wide World of Sports was over, on came The American Sportsman with Curt Gowdy.  My absolute most memorable episode was when Curt had Lee Wulff as his guest and Lee guided Curt in Labrador for gigantic brook trout.  At less than ten years of age I already had a goal in life – catch giant brook trout in Labrador!


blog-July-29-2015-2-lee-wulff-jeff-currier-curt-gowdyAmazingly, less than twenty years later I’d guide Curt Gowdy in Wyoming not only once but many times.  He occasionally brought guests and to my disbelief, one trip he brought Lee Wulff.  They were both in their 80’s for this photo yet they could still fish like pros.  This was truly one of the greatest and most epic days of my life!


blog-July-29-2015-3-mckenzie-river-lodge-labradorNow, another twenty years later, I’m living the dream of fishing around the world much like Curt and Lee did eons ago.  Starting Friday, thanks to Paul Ostiguy of McKenzie River Fly Fishing Lodge it’s off to Labrador.  Be ready for another ten days of exciting blogs!


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Carp and Crossbows don’t Mix

blog-July-24-2015-1-carp-coffee-cupsIt’s a specialty of mine getting folks to fish for more than salmonids.  Here in trout filled Idaho we have excellent fly fishing for carp but the challenge is getting people to do it.  Even one of my business partners in Fish and Game Art Gifts, Harvey Cohen, who sees my carp mugs sell like crazy, has been extremely stubborn when I’ve invited him carping.


blog-July-24-2015-2-jeff-currier-carp-fishingBut Harvey’s sudden interest erupted when he saw the segment in the F3T about carp in February at the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  I had a small part in Carpland and put a huge mirror on the big screen.  It was that eye-catching fish that perked Harvey enough to get him to agree to go with me this summer.



Our day was perfect.  Along with us was my Victor pal Tim Brune.  Tim and I picked up Harvey in Alpine and ventured over Tin Cup Pass and soon we were at my favorite carp lake.  The sky was full of sun, the wind was light and the carp were wallowing everywhere.


blog-July-24-2015-4-bow-fishing-for-carpWe couldn’t get fishing fast enough.  I organized Harvey then walked out on the dike along the highway with him.  Tim got after it quick and was casting to carp in seconds.  But then the worst thing that can happen on a carp lake happened.  Some dude in a boat rudely motored in with his electric right over the top of our area and started shooting carp with his crossbow.  The discourteous intruder was a true sharp shooter and killed four carp before they all retreated to the deep.


blog-July-24-2015-5-idaho-carpYears ago friend Brooks Montgomery met me at Blackfoot Reservoir.  When we arrived there were hundreds of tailing carp.  It was a sight to behold.  As I rigged my 5-weight, Brooks thought he’d be cute and surprise me by shooting one with his bow first before fishing.  He took one shot and missed.  Those carp were so smart they disappeared never to return to that bay again in our three days there!


blog-July-24-2015-6-tim-brune-flyfishing-for-carpNeedless to say, our 6 AM departure from Victor and the two hour ten minute drive to my precious spot was a waste of time.  After an hour of patiently waiting we finally saw a few weary individuals.  A normal cast to them was useless.  If the carp got the slightest glimpse of the traveling fly line they vanished.  We had to side arm cast and lead them by twenty feet and hope then stayed in line to find our nymph.  Although nearly impossible, Tim and I lucked into three.


Under the circumstance presented to us, first time carper Harvey, was unable to connect.  Yet, luckily Harvey got a peek at what carping can be like and he witnessed the incredible fight they give from the ones we caught.


There were some additional hardships we brought along upon ourselves.  The sort of funny one (funny to me and Tim) was that Harvey accidentally brought his wife’s waders.  He didn’t figure this out until he had them completely on.  He actually gave them a shot before his entire body was constricted.


blog-July-24-2015-7-idaho-fish-and-gameTim’s screw up wasn’t funny at all.  Tim left his fishing license at home and we got checked.  Luckily, Raleigh, the Idaho Fish and Game officer took the time to look up Tim’s license record on his phone.  Even with the proof Tim had a license, Raleigh had every right to issue a “lack of license in possession” ticket.  Instead he generously netted my biggest fish of the day!


I have a surprise fishing adventure next week – stay tuned!


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Ladies Day on Maddon Creek

blog-July-21-2015-1-flyfishing-texasI’ve never seen more than one other boat on Maddon Creek but today we saw five.  Float fishing is more popular than Rock “n” Roll these days and when the water is small, five boats competing with each other makes for a very slow day of fishing.  Luckily, on ladies day the catching isn’t that important.


blog-July-21-2015-2-granny-currier-&-jessica-chitwoodWhile Pam Parkins made a last minute back out, Jessica Chitwood and my Granny boarded the blue bathtub and we pushed off from Joe’s boat ramp under sunny skies.  The temps were up there around 78° and the water temperature wasn’t far from that which will be something we need to get used to this year due to the poor snowpack we had this past winter.


blog-July-21-2015-3-palemorning-dunAlthough Maddon’s was once a big dry fly river, I’m afraid the fish have seen enough of our concoctions and refuse them most of the time.  Therefore it was a match the hatch day and furthermore, we had to downsize our flies a size.  What I mean is, we had an excellent Pale Morning Dun hatch of size 16’s but the best fly was a size 18 PMD Comparadun.


blog-July-21-2015-4-flyfishing-alabamaThe gals aren’t too keen on fishing small flies.  They were quite stubborn in fact.  But after covering the first half mile without a single fish to the boat both let me hook them up with small flies.  Of course then I spent the next hour telling them when to set the hook!


blog-July-21-2015-5-flyfishing-in-mississippiWe caught a handful of small brookies, cutties and rainbows but absolutely nothing of size.  Temps got hotter and the cold beer in the cooler became the highlight.  That is until the girls cooked me up some scrumptious brats.  I guess dinner last week on the Nunya was the last for my grill as we could not get it started.  Instead we built a small fire which I think is the best way for lunch brats anyhow.


blog-July-21-2015-6-FLYFISHINGWe stayed out only till about 5 today.  The fishing was flat out worst I’ve seen it on Maddon Creek.  Not only that, in the 28 years that I’ve been fishing Maddon, I’ve never had a day without seeing at least one moose and we usually see a few great horned owls as well.  Today, the beautiful river was void of wildlife.   That being said, any day on the river is better than not.

Next on the agenda will be trying out the new Winston’s on some big carp at Blackfoot Reservoir.


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Lake Fishing with Phil Rowley on Island Park Reservoir

blog-July-17-2015-1-phil-rowley-and-jeff-currierIt’s good to be home trout fishing again, and today was especially good to be trout fishing on one of my favorite lakes, Island Park Reservoir.  Best of all, I was with my buddy and lake fly fishing expert, Phil Rowley from Canada.  Phil has quickly become one of the authorities on fly fishing lakes.


blog-July-17-2015-2-conquering-chironomids-dvdPhil is often found during the winter months giving clinics and seminars on how to tackle big finicky trout on lakes.  If you’re not familiar with Phil than check out his website Fly Craft Angling.  There he has everything including a blog, special lake fly patterns, and a store that includes his flies, books and DVD’s.  I’m lucky we’re pals because he gave me a copy of both his latest DVD’s, Conquering Chironomids Volume I and Conquering Chironomids Volume II.



blog-July-17-2015-3-fishing-lakes-with-phil-rowleyIsland Park Reservoir is famous amongst lake fly fishers.  The challenging reservoir, formed by the Island Park Dam on the Henry’s Fork, has huge rainbows and has been on Phil’s bucket list.  When I fished for Team USA it was imperative that I knew how to catch trout on lakes so I practiced on Island Park Reservoir and learned it well.  It was my honor to fulfill the lake guru’s dream!


blog-July-17-2015-4-phil-rowley-fliesThe day was cool with a high of 63°.  We had clouds and varied winds. Many folks don’t fish lakes solely because of wind but wind creates an advantage because it disturbs the surface of the water making fish less spooky.  All in all conditions were excellent but even two guys that know how to fish lakes have a tough time now and then even with all Phil’s great specialty fly patterns.


blog-July-17-2015-5-flyfishing-island-park-reservoirMy lake fly boxes have some slick patterns as well that weren’t working.  We knew the fish were there.  We saw occasional rises and much worse, there was a family in a big boat dunking worms with marshmallows and they were catching a few rainbows.  We had to figure things out.


blog-July-17-2015-6-flyfishing-island-park-reservoirThat’s when I went back to the basics.  I knew our neighbors were fishing bottom so I switched spools on my Ross to one with a Uniform Sink Type III and put on three small leech patterns, a heavy black one on the point, an olive one half way up the leader and my top dropper was burgundy in color.  Sure enough I got the skunk out of the boat quickly with this hefty bow on the burgundy.


blog-July-17-2015-7-phil-rowley-flyfishing-lakesIt wasn’t like we cracked the code.  I went on to land two more during the afternoon on the same burgundy colored leech and lost a few others, most on the take.  Phil also caught one on a burgundy leech and also took one under an indicator on a chironomid.  But after all the hours we fished – only five fish – today was one tough day of fishing!


blog-July-17-2015-8-flyfishing-with-phil-rowleyChallenging days of fishing happen no matter who you are.  I’ve had plenty of blanks on Island Park Reservoir so Phil and I’ll take today.  What today did was inspire me to get back on my lake kick.  Lakes have no crowds, usually bigger fish and always keep you honest – they can be tough.


Phil and I celebrated our get together with some beers and great food at the Trout Hunter on the Henry’s Fork.  As with most Trout Hunter nights, afterwards driving isn’t an option so Phil climbed in the back of his truck and I put in my second night sleep this week in my new silver Exploder.  Summer is just getting started for me!


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Finally on Home Waters – The Lower Nunya

blog-July-14-&-15-2015-1-flyfishing-the-nunya-riverOur boat seemed abandoned and until these past two days my new silver 1991 Explorer had yet to take us fishing.  I don’t like being away so much in the months of June and July but that’s the way it panned out.  Monday night Granny and I headed off on our favorite excursion of the year, a float down the Lower Nunya (see Nunya 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014).


blog-July-14-&-15-2015-2-mooseWe got our two days of groceries then drove to the Pub.  After a filling burger and a few tasty micro brews we slipped to the boat ramp and slept in the back of the Explorer.  Since we pushed off Tuesday morning we relished in nothing but 40 miles of peace.  There’s a few stretches where we hear distant traffic and the trains echo loud at night.  But for the most part it was Granny, I, the birds and lots of moose, mule deer and pronghorn antelope and less mosies than normal.


blog-July-14-&-15-2015-3-flyfishing-montanaOur fishing was fair.  We had an early spring and water levels on some western rivers are below normal.  In addition, the last two weeks have given us tremendous heat and numerous thunderstorms.  The heat raises water temps to where trout are uncomfortable and heavy rains mess with water levels and clarity.  Not a big deal for us as this particular week there was more to it than just the fishing.


blog-July-14-&-15-2015-4-flyfishing-for-brown-troutIndeed the Nunya was warm, tea colored and mossy.  Our normally dazzling dry fly fishing wasn’t happening.  Streamers however produced.  It was a task keeping the hook clear of moss but when you got a clean run the fish were there.  This 17” brown trout is why we enjoy this place so much.


blog-July-14-&-15-2015-5-granny-currierThe weather of the last few weeks continued through our days.  Tuesday was broiling hot.  We forgot sunscreen and picked up some $13 gas station crap that I swear attracted more sun rays than reflected them.  No doubt I added a few more pig hunting scars (wrinkles).  But one thing about a scorcher on the river – our beer is always dripping ice so they taste better than anything on earth!


blog-July-14-&-15-2015-6-sunrise-in-montanaWednesday we awoke to temps in the upper 40°s and sunrise was quickly taken over by dramatic clouds.  We were chilly as I made the coffee but it must have been invigorating for the wildlife because we watched a herd of mule deer cross the river along with a family of moose.


blog-July-14-&15-2015-7-flyfishing-in-wyomingWhen the animals are on the move you can assume the fish are active also so without breakfast we broke down camp and pushed the boat off.  Within minutes Granny was casting two streamers in the rain.  And yes, the fish were doing cartwheels over her flies.


blog-July-14-&-15-2015-8-jeff-currier-flyfishing-mtWe caught a steady dose of brown trout with one rainbow mixed in.  Our weather fluctuated from rain and wind to that penetrating sun during the morning hours.  While Granny hates fishing in the rain we don’t get much here so enjoy it.  It’s especially nice when rain follows with sun so you can dry back out fast.


The big fish of the weekend came this afternoon.  We were eating the last bite of our hotdogs when in the distance the skies darkened and there were mass flashes and bolts of lightning.  We were in an open area that I wasn’t at all comfortable in for this storm.  Downstream was a grove of cottonwoods I felt we needed to reach and fast.  Of course as I rowed full speed for the tall river trees Granny was casting.  Sure enough she hooked up during the race to beat the storm.


blog-July-14-&-15-2015-9-granny-currier-flyfishing-mtGranny knows how to handle the big ones and she beached her beauty fast.  I clicked off a few then we hunkered down for the next hour with wind, rain, hail, thunder and flashes of lightening I could do without.  When the storm passed we fished our way out and pulled the boat at 5 and got home a few hours ago.


blog-July-14-&-15-2015-10-granny-currier-fly-fishing-the-nunya-riverIt’s trout fishing season and next on my agenda is some lake fishing on Friday.  Longtime pal Phil Rowley is coming in for a day and we aim to hit Island Park Reservoir in Idaho.  This is a lake that often kicks my butt so I’m hoping Phil can solve some mysteries for me.


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Memories from Selwyn Lake Lodge 2015

blog-July-1-2015-1-transit-air-saskatchewanThe smoke was back this morning at Selwyn Lake Lodge.  There was so much of it that there was concern about flying out on our way home.  But although we were late, not leaving till 5 PM, we made the first leg to Stony Rapids on the Beaver.  Departing at 5 was in a nick of time to catch the 6 PM Transwest Air flight from there to La Ronge then Prince Albert then on to Saskatoon.  It was a rugged ride dodging thunderheads and smoke.  We arrived in Saskatoon around 10 PM, just in time for a fun night on the Canadian town.


A special thanks goes out toe RA Beattie Outdoor Productions and Ron Striker of Adventure Destinations for bringing me along on this unforgettable adventure to Saskatchewan!


RA Beattie Photo

Here are a few more pictures from the trip.


Austin Trayser Photo

The shadow of the De Havilland Beaver across one of the many lakes of Saskatchewan.

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin Trayser Photo

Another pike goes down on the Winston, Ross, Titan Taper combo.

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin forgot his pliers for a pike trip.  Same as no gun for gun fight!

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin Trayser Photo

I’m joining the band now that the Breedlove guitar has a pike on it.

blog-July-1-2015-7-underwater-pikeOne of my best photos from the trip – point and shoot Nikon Coolpix AW130.

RA Beattie Photo

RA Beattie Photo

Ron Striker flying one of the most reliable planes on earth – De Havilland Beaver.

RA Beattie Photo

RA Beattie Photo

Austin with and average Selwyn Lake Lodge lake trout.

blog-July-1-2015-10-ra-beattie-and-austinRA Beattie and Austin Trayser making another fun fly fishing film for the F3T.

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin Trayser Photo

RA Beattie on break from filming.

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin Trayser Photo

Fly fishing for northern pike from Selwyn Lake Lodge with Adventure Destinations.

Austin Trayser Photo

Casting from the Beaver – never in my wildest dreams was I expecting this!

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin Trayser Photo

We only had time to go once but the Arctic grayling fishing was every cast!

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin Trayser Photo

Another 40” pike release from the South Arm on Selwyn Lake.

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin Trayser Photo

So much water in Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories and so little time!

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin Trayser Photo

Another lake trout falls for the “Currier multiple fly rig”.

blog-July-1-2015-18-ron-strikerThanks to our pilot Ron Striker this freaking spectacular trip was possible!

Austin Trayser Photo

Austin Trayser Photo

We caught at least twenty pike 40 inches long or better – magnificent fishing!

blog-July1-2015-20-selwyn-lake-lodgeThe midnight sun on our final day – 2 AM on the dock at Selwyn Lake Lodge.

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Bonus Time at Selwyn Lake Lodge

blog-June-30-2015-1-selwyn-lake-lodgeIt was time to begin the journey home today and wouldn’t you know, there was no smoke and not a cloud in the sky.  I was aggravated to say the least knowing that if today were yesterday we’d have flown to the Sand Dunes and Hunt Falls.  But sipping coffee outside my cabin was Ron and as I stepped out he asked, “Want to do the Dunes today?”


Technically, RA, Austin and I could stay another day.  We don’t fly out of Saskatoon for home till July 2.  As long as Adventure Destinations could get us from Selwyn Lake Lodge to Saskatoon tomorrow instead of today, the Dunes and the falls was an opportunity we weren’t going to miss.  Luckily, switching our travel wasn’t a problem.


blog-June-30-2015-2-de-havilland-beaverThe only thing we needed was a little patience to wait for Ron to fly some folks to a fly in Lake.  That wasn’t a problem and when he returned at 9 we loaded the De Havilland Beaver with our gear.


As we were about to climb in, an SOS came.  The guys he literally just dropped off radioed in they had an emergency.  Out came all our stuff and then Ron and camp manager Greg flew off to make a rescue.


blog-June-30-2015-3-flyfishing-selwyn-lakeRA, Austin and I were worried about the SOS and hoped it was nothing major, but deep inside we were pretty bummed.  The only good news is that we could go pike fishing.  The three of us took a deep breath and off we went to some nearby bays.


blog-June-30-2015-4-ra-beattie-austin-trayserRA and Austin have been working their tails off all week so rather than fishing this morning I ran the boat and watched.  I don’t believe we had a piece of filming gear on board which was nice for us all.  Best of all, fishing was its usual fabulous and the boys caught a heap of nice fish including this piggy pike that took both the guys to hang on to!


blog-June-30-2015-5-hunt-falls-saskaatchewanI heard the Beaver returning at 1 PM and we reeled it in and headed back to the Lodge.  We got in seconds after the Beaver parked.  Ron and Greg had good news.  The SOS was a motor failure issue that was easily fixed and we were going to Hunt Falls.  This time we loaded the seaplane and took off.


blog-June-30-2015-6-hikeing-in-saskatchewanHunt Falls, once known as Lefty’s Falls (a recent name change) are the largest falls in Saskatchewan.  Both from the air and ground they are absolutely gorgeous.  We landed on the lake that provides the water for the falls then hiked in through an enchanted northern forest covered in a blanket of lichen.


blog-June-30-2015-7-jeff-currier-at-hunt-falls-saskatchewanI packed both a grayling and pike rod with hopes to catch a few more fish.  The first thing I noticed walking along the river before the falls were lots of bugs hatching but no rising grayling.  A sure sign they actually may not be around.  Once to the falls I set up the pike rig on my 9-weight and fished all the good looking water without a sign of a pike.  Not a big deal, we’ve had our fishing this trip.  The falls were spectacular and well worth the trip.


blog-June-30-2015-8-flyfishing-for-pikeOn the flight home we met one more surprise.  In order to do our trip, the anglers Ron dropped off early today that also had the SOS, Greg ordered another plane to pick them up.  We got word that the pilot for this pick up was down south on the fires.  With the “clients come first” point of view that you must have when running a lodge, Greg asked if RA, Austin and I would mind getting dropped off at the South Arm to fish for an hour while Ron retrieved the stranded clients.  Yea I think we can handle that!


blog-June-30-2015-9-flyfishing-for-pikeWe spent our last evening beating on yet another bunch of huge incredible Selwyn Lake pike before Ron returned to pick us up around 8 PM.  This trip, bonus day and all, has been truly outstanding.  Tomorrow we begin the long trip home.  Stay tuned for a few more photos and final word on this fantastic adventure and filming project for the 2016 F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour.


A special thanks to RA Beattie Outdoor Productions and Adventure Destinations for bringing me along on this incredible adventure to Saskatchewan!

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Athabasca Sand Dunes Out of Reach

blog-June-29-2015-1-de-havilland-beaver6 AM came early but we had a full day of flying planned to some special places, the Athabasca Sand Dunes and Hunt (Lefty’s) Falls.  There was some fishing involved too.  The flats in front of the Sand Dunes for pike then Arctic grayling at the falls.  But the venture began flying out in drizzle in hopes things would improve.  They didn’t.  Ten minutes in the air from Selwyn Lake Lodge we lost sight of the ground which in a De Havilland Beaver isn’t acceptable.  We turned back and were soon taking naps at the lodge instead of gassing up in Stony Rapids.  “Monsoon Currier” strikes again.


blog-June-29-2015-2-black-bearWe hoped we’d wake in a couple hours to cleared skies but instead we awoke to a very mischievous black bear on the porch of our cabins.  He was looking for trouble by sniffing the screened windows and wouldn’t leave until the camp manager shot at him with rubber bullets.  He retreated then swam to an island but unfortunately came back tonight.  Bad move bear.


blog-June-29-2015-3-ra-beattie-with-jeff-currier11 AM came and the rain stopped but we didn’t have time to make the Sand DunesHunt Falls was possible but unlikely.  Instead, RA decided to get some interviews done for the film.  We headed to a quiet island and Ron and I talked about the great week of fishing we’ve had.  These interviews are what ties the film together when you see it at the 2016 F3T.


blog-June-29-2015-4-flyfishing-for-pikeWe didn’t make the trip to Hunt Falls due to the threatening skies.  Instead our Lodge manager Greg took the evening off and took us fishing and for a shore dinner we’ll never forget.  We headed out around 6 PM.  RA and I went with Greg then Ron and Austin in the other boat.  It was an unbelievable night of fishing with lots of nice pike from 30” to 40”.


blog-June-29-2015-5-alien-rock-selwn-lakeWe kept three of the 30” class pike and pulled up at a place Selwyn Lake Lodge calls Alien Rock.  It’s an odd rock for sure carefully balanced on three smaller rocks.  No one has any idea how this happened.  It looks suspicious to me but then again, ten guys together couldn’t move this rock.


blog-June-29-2015-6-shore-lunch-selwyn-lakeWhile we checked out the rock Greg fillet up the pike and fried up them up in three different recipes.  Along with the fish were five pounds of French fries.  All three recipes took me back to my Wisconsin days when I ate pike and walleye three times a week.  We washed the delicious meal down with a few Copper 16’s.


We headed back for the lodge around 10 PM.  When we arrived here sunset occurred after 11 PM but in only ten days after the solstice, tonight the sun set at 10:10.  Nonetheless it was an amazing sunset.  The fires down south continue to rage and you can certainly see the smoke in the photo below.  Today was our last day at Selwyn Lake Lodge and tomorrow we’ll fly with Ron on the Beaver to Stony Rapids.  Ron will put us on a commuter flight for Saskatoon and he’ll head back for Thompson Camps on Otter Lake.  This has been and incredible trip!  Many more pictures to come in the next days.



Austin Trayser Photo

A special thanks to RA Beattie Outdoor Productions and Adventure Destinations for bringing me along on this incredible adventure to Saskatchewan!

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing