Jeff’s Store

I’m sorry to report that my Fish Art store will be temporarily closed. My partner and friend Harvey Cohen who has helped me immensely with this business is stepping out. HOWEVER, my other partner, Mark Kuhn and I will still be able to get you products if you know what you want. Please email me at or Mark at

Before Harvey began helping me six years ago I offered nothing more than my 15 oz. coffee mugs and you could choose from about a dozen species. There were many issues with my distributor and much of the time I couldn’t get any product at all. I’m always busy traveling for fishing on some far continent or giving fly fishing presentations around the country and didn’t have the time to get things right. Harvey generously offered to help. He fixed the distributor issues on the mugs, added more fantastic products and then cracked the whip on me to paint many more species of fish and even a few birds. As of today you can order my mugs with over 60 different fish species and a pheasant, a pintail or a mallard!

Harvey handled the books, the accounting and the advertising and got you your orders. The bottom line is the biz doesn’t run without Harvey. As usual I am traveling like crazy right now and my main focus are my speaking engagements until show season slows in April. Mark also has a fulltime job in addition to Fish and Game Art Gifts but he is creating a business plan to get us back on our feet. Once again, please contact either Mark or I at the above emails if we can get you any products.


Jeff Currier And Mark Kuhn