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Escape from the Pacific Side Cold

We headed out for three nights of fishing and camping today but we relaxed at Sammy’s condo in the morning and left around noon.  It was a matter of taking the time to be properly organized for camping on the beach.  Also, we suffered through an 18 inning Cubs loss last night that kept us out late.  I think my World Series hangover is coming back!


It was nice to head out to the East side of Baja again because the Pacific side continues to be freezing cold for this time of year.  Once more, the fog came in and blocked out the sunrise and temps were in the high 50°s.  The East Cape and Sea of Cortez are always warmer so we left town with a smile.


We took our time enjoying the pretty sights of Southern Baja.  When in the mountains crossing from the Pacific to the East Cape its real Mexico.  It’s beautiful and the folks are so nice and a bit curious.  They are also so laid back in makes me jealous.


We arrived in Los Barriles around 2 PM.  To our surprise, it was cool here and mostly cloudy.  Spotting roosterfish was out so we went to the same rocks where I caught my clown hawkfish the other day.  Right off the bat I nailed this gorgeous flag cabrilla.


Bringing the footwear for dancing on slippery rocks has paid off.  Today I made Granny saddle up and fish from the rocks as well.  We tossed my 9-weight Jungle Winston with a Sea Habit fly, one of my old standbys for saltwater.



I can’t believe it but Granny walked right out there and caught our second clown hawkfish of the week.  Remember, this is a species of fish that has eluded me for over 20 years.  Now in a few days’ time we’ve caught two.





Our action from the rocks was far better than the other day.  Perhaps it was the overcast.  Perhaps it was because it was calmer.  I’m not sure but in saltwater, it’s important to take note of everything from tides, weather and other conditions when things are good.  I ended our session with this unusual finescale triggerfish.


We set up camp in Los Barriles tonight then walked to Smokey’s for dinner and beers with Grant Hartman and his clients.  It was an interesting night as this week Grants client is the owner of Nature Nates.  He and his crew were really fun to party down with.


Off to the beach boonies tomorrow to begin a serious hunt for roosterfish. . . .


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Roosterfishing Beach Jam Ends with New Species

I left out another roosterfishing hazard yesterday – other anglers.  Roosters are so amazing that these days anglers head for Baja with rods and camping gear with no idea what they’re doing.  Granny and I drove an excruciating two hours of dirt to get to one of my “secret spots” only to find five clueless fly fishers frothing the small beach.  Clueless because they were marching the beach blind casting with flies and randomly teasing with spin rods.  It was too early and the light wasn’t good enough to properly see a cruising rooster.  These boys were simply telling every catchable roosterfish within a mile of the beach, “We’re here!”


I was frustrated to say the least but deep inside I know if I was 25 years old I’d be doing the same.  It was bad timing on our part and we moved on to what turned out to be a lovely day of exploring and relaxing on the beach with Pacifico’s and good snacks.


The highlight of the day was towards the end when we found some rocks.  Rocks aren’t ideal for sight fishing roosterfish but can produce some snappers and grouper casting Clouser’s blind if you’re lucky.  I wisely packed our rugged Simms flats wading boots or we’d not been able to fish here.  Turns out we caught a few cool fish such as this Panama graysby.


The area wasn’t fast and furious by any means.  Like everywhere in the world, one of the most sought after fish and first to get fished out are snappers because of they are quality table fare.  No doubt the fish had been harvested here but it was fun chucking my 9-weight Winston nonetheless.


Towards the end I was taken by surprise.  I caught this giant clown hawkfish (Cirrhitichthys rivulatus).  This stunningly gorgeous fish is one I’ve been hoping to stumble upon for all my Baja years but haven’t.  I was so excited to add this species to my list!  Bummer was I was alone also so Granny didn’t get to see him and with the big waves this is the only photo I got.


We headed back to Sammy’s condo in Todos Santos at 4 PM in order to get home before dark.  You don’t want to drive in Mexico after dark for a lot of reasons but donkey crossing is a big one.  They are hard to see!


Stay tuned for some Pacific Ocean side beach fishing tomorrow.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing